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Twin City Bible Church – Family Ministry and Outreach Director

806 W. Michigan Ave

Position Type

Director for children’s ministry



Ministry Area

Children’s/Family Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

The Family Ministry and Outreach Director will provide leadership for the Children’s Ministry program (ages 0-5th Grade) and will collaborate with the Youth Ministry Director to facilitate a seamless transition for kids entering the Youth Ministry (Middle-High School). This Director will also provide other family ministry-related programming. Eighty percent of this role will be vested in the Children’s Ministry and subsequent Family Ministry responsibilities. The Outreach portion of this role (about twenty percent of the total role) will facilitate the congregation engaging in campus and community outreach in line with our vision and mission.

Works Closely With:
Lead Pastor, Youth Director, Operations Director

Primary Responsibilities Family Ministry:
● Runs Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry Sunday School and Kid’s Program.
● Cares for Children’s Ministry volunteers.
● Multiplies ministry impact by giving ministry away to volunteers.
● Engages with parents to support children growing as disciples of Christ.
● Commits to personal growth in skills, heart, and theology of discipleship of children.
● Oversees other related ministries to Family Ministry (e.g. events, seminars, & etc.).

Primary Responsibilities Outreach Ministry:
● Works with the Lead Pastor to champion outreach in TCBC in line with our vision.
● Develops an Outreach calendar rhythm within TCBC (e.g. approx. 3 events a year).
● Grows in theology, heart, and skills for evangelism and community outreach.
● Encourages the congregation to participate in programs & lifestyle of outreach.

Core Competencies & Values:
● Spiritual maturity & godliness
● Emotional intelligence & cross-cultural competency
● Team Player & Team Builder
● Desire for discipleship of TCBC’s children in church and home
● Collaborative with staff and volunteers and outside agencies
● Builds relationships
● Desire to give away ministry within teams and ability to work well with lay leaders

● A personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
● Bachelor’s Degree
● Meets qualifications for TCBC Staff Team as presented in TCBC’s Constitution, Bylaws, and Employee Handbook
● Experience in Leading and Overseeing Children’s Ministry
● At least 5 years of ministry experience preferred (paid or volunteer)
● Some level of Christian education preferred
● Communication and administrative skills
● Collaborative and listening skills
● Event-planning experience