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Trinity International Church – Pastor

Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Santa Cruz,
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia,

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The Big Picture
Trinity International Church ( is actively seeking a Pastor to lead our existing English-speaking congregation and expanding ministry in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. As one of the fastest-growing cities globally, Santa Cruz is undergoing rapid social change, with a flourishing middle class and a diverse international community, resulting in a heightened demand for English language services and engagement.

a. The pastor is directly responsible to the governing board of TIC and ultimately to the entire congregation.
b. If necessary, a general vote of confidence will be taken at the annual board meeting on the even calendar years (eg 2020, 2022, etc.)

a. Regular proclamation of God’s Word; preaching regularly and teaching as is possible
b. Initiate vision and leadership as chief shepherd and as a regular member of the governing board
c. Regular initiation of spiritual ordinances (communion and baptism)
d. Provision of Biblical spiritual counsel and encouragement to the church membership
e. Sensitivity in seeing outreach opportunities into the community as is appropriate to time constraints
f. Awareness of personal needs and maintaining a balance between ministry and family
g. Procuring and maintaining his housing and any insurance he wishes to carry
h. Learning Bolivian culture and language as is necessary to function efficiently

Financial Support:
a. The pastor must raise his financial support in excess of $800 USD per month that he feels is necessary to live and operate in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
b. It is suggested that he not accept additional employment, but based on his self-supported status he will be permitted to do what is necessary to make a living at the approval of the governing board

Renewal/Deputation Time:
a. The pastor is entitled to 4 weeks of annual leave to be used at his disposal, with reasonable prior knowledge of the church board to allow for designation of preaching responsibilities.
b. Due to his status as a self-supported missionary, an additional 6 weeks will be added to the normal 4 weeks (a total of 10 weeks) every other calendar year.
c. Extra time needed as a result of family issues, health needs or additional deputation, etc. can be requested and negotiated with the governing board.
d. The pastor will be expected to take at least one day a week off for his own personal/family needs.
e. The pastor is able to supplement his preaching schedule with outside speakers as is appropriate with the approval of the church board.

The Process
Please look over this job description and the church website. Along with your resume please answer these questions:

Why do you believe that you might be a good fit as the Pastor at TIC?

Describe your experiences in ministry and how you may be qualified to serve as the Pastor of TIC?

In just a few sentences please give a summary of your theology and how that is in line with the doctrine of TIC?

Please send your resume, the answers to these questions and a link to at least one online message to [email protected]