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Trinity Community Church – Lead Pastor

1200 Easton Rd

Position Type

Lead/Senior Pastor


Baptist (Other)

Ministry Area


Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

The Lead Pastor is a devout follower of Jesus and shepherd-leader whose primary responsibility is to oversee the overall direction and spiritual leadership of Trinity Community Church (TCC) in collaboration with the other Staff Pastor(s) and Board of Elders. The TCC Lead Pastor is first a pastor, given by Christ to this church to equip our saints for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12).


1. The Lead Pastor should meet the biblical qualifications of a pastor/elder (e.g., 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, 1 Peter 5:1-3).
2. Master of Divinity degree (preferred) or equivalent theological education from an accredited institution aligned with a Reformed evangelical perspective.
3. Proven experience in pastoral ministry, with a 10- to 20-year track record of effective preaching, teaching, and leadership.

Work Environment, Physical Demands, & Travel
1. This position operates primarily in a church office environment where there is routine use of standard office equipment, such as computers, phones, copiers, and filing cabinets.
2. This is considered a light-work position, which means possible exertion of up to twenty (20) pounds of force occasionally.
3. This position may require local travel and occasional conference/training travel outside of a local distance.


Ministry Oversight & Leadership
1. In close collaboration with the Staff Pastor(s) and Board of Elders:
a. Oversees the vision, direction, and spiritual leadership of TCC.
b. Oversees the doctrinal faithfulness of all ministries of TCC, including Community Groups, TrinityKids, TrinityWomen, TrinityMen, Young Adult Ministry, TrinityYouth, and Senior Saints.
c. Provides leadership by identifying, equipping, and developing current and potential elders, deacons, and Community Group leaders, as well as TCC staff.

Preaching & Teaching
1. Plans the sermon schedule and serves as the primary preacher for Sunday Gatherings (approximately 42 weeks per year), delivering biblically sound, expository, Christ-exalting preaching that is authoritative and applicable.
2. Works collaboratively with Staff Pastor(s) and Deacon of Music to plan and execute all Sunday Gatherings and other services.
3. Oversees all teaching ministries of TCC to ensure biblical faithfulness and balance.
4. Assist Chairman of the BOE in creating agendas for BOE and Family Meetings (member meetings) and oversees and helps lead membership classes and baptism classes.

Pastoral Discipleship & Care
1. Provides oversight to and is integrally involved in the overall pastoral care and discipleship of TCC.
2. Meets with individual members and couples for counseling, referring to external resources when in-depth and/or specialized care is needed.
3. Conducts other specific pastoral functions such as baptisms, weddings, funerals, and hospital visitations.

1. Works collaboratively with the Chairman of the Board of Elders to set Pastoral Team Meeting agendas.
2. Manages all staff (pastoral and non-pastoral), including performance evaluation and staff development.
3. Collaborates with the Board of Elders in the hiring and termination of non-pastoral staff.
4. In collaboration with the TCC Treasurer, Finance Committee, and Board of Elders, oversees budget creation and execution.
5. Oversees the TCC Deacon of Facilities to ensure faithful stewardship, accessibility, and readiness of church facilities.
6. Oversees weekly and ad hoc staff meetings.

Evangelism & Outreach
1. Builds relationships with neighboring churches and community leaders as appropriate.
2. In collaboration with other Staff Pastors(s) and the Board of Elders, develops outreach programs and initiatives to reach the lost.
3. Represents the church positively in public settings.

Lead Pastor Information & Application