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The Chapel Medina – Associate Pastor

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Position Type

Associate Pastor



Ministry Area


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Job Description

Job Title: Associate Pastor

Reports To: Senior Pastor

Position Status: Full-Time, Salaried

The role of the Associate Pastor is to work alongside the Senior Pastor while having a firm grasp of the purpose and mission of The Chapel Medina.

The Associate Pastor is the primary support person for the Senior Pastor and will work with the elders and congregants to facilitate their spiritual growth. This includes assisting with periodic preaching, overseeing of family ministry, teaching, and any other activities assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Job Responsibilities and Duties:
• Support the Senior Pastor in the overall mission, vision, and leadership of the church.
• Habitually pray for the leadership team and congregants.
• Be dedicated to supporting the family ministry by being available to lead, nurture, and assist with volunteers, children, and parents.
• Prepare and deliver sermons as scheduled by the Senior Pastor. Be prepared with a backup sermon in the event of unexpected inability of the Senior Pastor to preach.
• Engage in habitual Bible reading and personal reflection.
• Equip and lead individuals to be and to make disciples of Jesus.
• Encourage and practice robust evangelism.
• Manage the ministries under his purview, including goal setting, Biblical and administrative training of volunteers, budget preparation and monitoring.
• Meet regularly with ministry leaders and staff to ensure consistency in responding to the spiritual needs of church members, volunteers, and staff.
• Represent the church at community and outreach events when scheduled to do so.
• Keep a close watch on teachers, instructional material and doctrine being taught to the children and adults of The Chapel Medina.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Skills and Requirements:
• Must have a Master of Divinity or related field. Individuals may be considered if a master’s program is near completion.
• The successful individual will have an obvious gift of teaching.
• Must fill the qualifications of an elder as described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
• Must become a member of The Chapel Medina.
• Must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
• Must be able to research and use a multitude of information gathering resources.
• Must live in close proximity to The Chapel Medina or be willing to relocate.
• Must have the ability to communicate the gospel message in a clear and compelling manner.
• Must be able to oversee and work well with the staff and leadership of the church.
• Committed to The Chapel Medina doctrinal statement, mission, and vision.
• Must hold sensitive, personal information about members and The Chapel Medina in strict confidence.