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Harvest Bible Chapel – Ministry Apprentice

Summary of Primary Purpose: Harvest desires to prepare pastors and ministry leaders for the work of ministry through the church for the world. The purpose of Harvest Apprenticeship Program is to receive proper ministry exposure and practice while Apprentices concurrently mature in the faith: Knowledge, Character, and Ministry Skill. This program takes the Apprentice through […]

Menno Haven Camp and Retreat Center – Ministry Apprentice

This is a customized internship opportunity for those looking to add camp ministry experience to their portfolio. We work with you to create the experience that works best for your field of study. ​We are seeking persons who have a desire to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ to serve as backyard missionaries sharing their […]

Harvest Bible Chapel – Gap-Year Program | Ministry Apprentice

Our Program’s Purpose: The Apprenticeship Program is an intentional discipleship program within the Church for young men and women. Transitional times are formative times. During the transition out of the teen years and into adulthood, young adults face pivotal questions about faith and life, about identity and direction. While some unfortunately drift away from the […]