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Southwest Hills Baptist Church – Teaching Pastor

9100 SW 135th Ave

Position Type

Teaching Pastor


Baptist (Converge)

Ministry Area


Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

Key Areas of Responsibility:
• Bible Preaching and teaching
• Be a productive team player in working with the Elders, Leadership Team, ministry leaders, and office support staff.
• Establish effective communication between staff, Elders and church leadership.
• Design clear, realistic goals and objectives for the upcoming year.

Overview: The Teaching Pastor is responsible for serving as the primary preacher/teacher for the Sunday worship services, for oversight of the adult teaching ministries of the church and performing general Elder duties expected of all Elders at SW Hills.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Teaching and Preaching
Includes, but not limited to: Primary preacher/teacher for the weekly worship services of the church; oversee filling the pulpit at services when he is not preaching ensuring doctrinal consistency; planning the use of substitute speakers to cover strategic topics; working closely with other pastors and elders to oversee and doctrinally and strategically align the various teaching ministries of the church (e.g. men’s and women’s Bible studies, Sunday School, small groups); overseeing the development of curriculum for use in various ministries of the church; training (mentoring) other men who show gifting to be teachers in the church.

General Shepherding/Leadership
Includes, but not limited to: challenge and inspire all attendees to passionately love God, fully commit to His Word, engage in the body life of the church and seek out a personal ministry; encourage a culture of transparency, humility, and dependence on God; mentor, counsel, and visit with attendees; pray for members, leaders, and ministries of SW Hills.
Pastoral Duties
Includes, but not limited to: perform weddings, funerals, hospital and shut-in visitation along with the other members of the pastoral staff and elders; be one of the first responders with the other pastors for member emergencies; provide counsel to individuals and couples on a limited basis; consistently participate in the Elders meetings; perform other tasks as directed by the Elders.

Role Model: A pastor is called to be an exemplary model of the biblical concept of a disciple of Christ and to be a “servant-leader.” This includes having a spirit of humility (dependence on God and teachability before man), a proper view of others (regarding them as more important than yourself), a vibrant relationship with Christ and a passion to follow Him at all costs, and demonstrating consistent growth in your walk with God by significant interaction with Him through personal prayer and time in the Word. In addition, a pastor is to help SWHBC accomplish her mission to be a gospel-centered community of love that embraces biblical truth and engages in God’s mission to build Kingdom of God in our homes, in our community, and all around the world.

Desired Education/Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:
• MDiv, or equivalent
• 5 years of experience in a full-time pastoral role
• Biblical knowledge demonstrated through the accurate articulation of the truths of Scripture.
• A Christian worldview for public and private life.
• Able to teach doctrinally-sound sermons to the church in a manner that helps individuals grow in a practical knowledge of God and themselves resulting in a life glorifying to God.
• Training in counseling grounded in Scripture.
• Committed to self-discipline shown in a lifestyle of proven service to God and His church.
• A record of fruitfulness of God’s blessing on ministerial work.
• Excellent interpersonal skills for work with individuals of all ages including visitors, volunteers, other members of the congregation, and the public.
• Contribute to an atmosphere that enables the pastoral staff and all the ministries of the church to function well.
• Able to maintain confidentiality; outstanding work ethic; self-motivated; teachable; positive attitude; willingness to study and improve knowledge and skill in areas of responsibility as needed.
• Ability to initiate, organize, complete, and follow-up on project work; attention to detail; strong teamwork skills to work with church staff and volunteers.

Work Schedule:
The Teaching Pastor is expected to personally teach 42 weeks of the year at all weekly services, currently on Sunday mornings. Other days and hours are flexible pending Elder approval. Because this is an exempt, pastoral position, the Teaching Pastor should expect to work approximately 44-48 hours per week, including required meetings. Since this is a Teaching Pastor position, the pastor should limit his formal counseling work to less than 10%, or approximately 4 hours per week (this may be adjusted by Elder agreement). The pastor must be able to work evenings and Saturdays as needed for committee meetings and special events or projects, and he is expected to attend scheduled staff and elder meetings. He is also expected to set apart a weekly Sabbatical day.

Salary Range:
$85,000 – $95,000 plus benefits