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Severn Church – Senior Pastor

9066 Robins Neck Rd

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Senior/Lead Pastor



Ministry Area


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Job Description

Severn Church is actively seeking a Senior Pastor who is called by God and equipped to effectively preach and teach the Word of God. Severn is a member of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC) and believes the Bible to be the inspired Word of God without error. Our mission is to proclaim the love and power of our Creator as set forth in the Holy Bible. To reach the community with the light of Jesus Christ by demonstrating unity and benevolence in an ever changing world. To bring the community into the fellowship and love of Jesus Christ and of the church. To educate and lead the youth of our communities to know Jesus Christ in their hearts and to accept his priceless gift. To reach beyond the local community, with an outreach of benevolence, proclaiming the global mission of Christ


Prepare and deliver weekly sermons using God’s Word as the basis of all sermons.
Hold special services as required such as a Christmas Eve Service and a Sunrise Service on Easter.
Prepare and deliver Wednesday night bible studies either live or online.
Maintain a strong professional image reflective to the Statement of Faith at church and in the community.
Keep the Elders informed of church issues.
Conduct personal and premarital counseling services.
Perform funerals and weddings of church members.
Visit the sick members in hospitals, nursing homes and at home.
Be the moderator of the Session meetings and vote only in case of a tie.
Administer the Holy Sacraments to the church such as Baptism and Communion services.
Serve Communion to the shut-ins (Members who are homebound).
Implement programs and events in alignment with the church’s Statement of Faith.
Oversee the ministries of the church.
Supervise the Children’s Director and Pianist.
Greet the people as they come into the church and as they exit the church.
Send worship service information to the person preparing the bulletins weekly.
Work alongside the Session of the church in a collaborative manner.


Experience as a pastor preferred
Must be ordained
Good written and verbal communication skills
Exceptional problem solving and conflict resolution skills
Strong speaking and presentation skills
Good listening and willingness to help
Service-oriented with genuine care for the wellbeing of people


A seminary degree is preferred

To apply, please email resume to: [email protected]

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