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Pole Line Road Baptist Church – Senior/Lead Pastor

770 Pole Line Rd

Position Type

Senior/Lead Pastor


Baptist (Other)

Ministry Area


Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

For His Communicating Ministry (Proclaiming)

1. Plan, prepare, and deliver biblically based messages each week.

2. In cooperation with the Worship Leader, plan, prepare for and lead in the entire worship services of the church each Lord’s Day and on special worship occasions as called for.

For His Administrative Ministry (Leading)

1. Serve as a Church Board voting member leading the general work of the church. Attend its regular meetings. The Church Board Chairperson leads the Board.

2. Supervise all full-time, part-time, and volunteer staff members and evaluate them on the performance of their respective job descriptions.

3. Supervise and have knowledge of church bylaws

4. Assist as ex-officio member of all ministry teams except the Personnel Team.

5. Be available for personal conferences with all church leaders. 6. Participate in the Converge PAC West ministry organization on behalf of the church.

For His Counseling Ministry (Caring)

1. Take the initiative in caring for members of the church family through personal visits, contacts, etc. to communicate the concern of the church and the love of Christ.

2. When possible, visit each person in the church who may be hospitalized at least once during his/her stay in the hospital.

3. Be open to church members and regular attendees of the church through call, text and email.

4. Provide counseling to church members in alignment with the pastor’s training. Have a knowledge of referrals when a member may need care or support beyond the pastor’s time, skills or training.

5. Excellent interpersonal skills with an ability to reflectively listen

Outreach Ministry (Building the Church)

1. Lead in visiting church visitors.

2. Foster and encourage growth and outreach to community, campus and fellow local ministers.

3. Community relations development.

4. Provide leadership in denominational service.

5. Good example to the flock and community

6. Be available to officiate special occasions such as weddings, funeral services and baptisms if asked

7. Conduct house visits to the elderly, shut ins or sick church members and their family members

Qualifications and Skills

1. Gentle, humble, soberminded, faithful stewardship, financial integrity, self-control

2. Actively promotes the mission and vision of Pole Line Road Baptist Church

3. Ordained Baptist minister or seminary training

4. Willing to become a member of Pole Line Road Baptist Church

5. Possess a proficiency and experience in preaching teaching biblical theology and the ability to convey biblical truth to all age groups

6. Maintain a healthy balance of personal growth in the Lord, family life and ministry life

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