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North Star Classical Christian School – Educator

1350 Illinois Route 137

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Nonprofit Organization

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K-12 Education

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Job Description

North Star Classical Christian School is looking for qualified individuals to fill the following roles in full and/or part-time positions:

Upper-Level Humanities Teacher, Latin Teacher, Upper-Level Math Teacher, Upper-Level Science Teacher, and Grammar School Teacher.

North Star Classical Christian School exists to provide a classical Christian learning environment where:

God is acknowledged as both the source and purpose of all knowledge.
The purpose of education is seen not just as college or career training and preparation, but as soul and virtue formation. Students are equipped to identify what is good, true, and beautiful, and encouraged to seek after goodness, truth, and beauty.
Children are broadly equipped with the tools of learning and intellectual virtues in order to observe and listen with discernment, think critically and logically, reason persuasively and precisely, and clearly articulate goodness and truth compassionately and humbly for the glory of God and the good of their neighbor. They will be prepared and encouraged to live purposefully with a genuine love of learning.
Parents are seen as having the primary responsibility for their children’s education and are expected to participate with and support the school in providing their children with a distinctly classical, collaborative, academically excellent education.

Purpose of the Positions:

The Teacher fulfills the mission of North Star Classical Christian School by fostering a positive and engaging culture by primarily focusing on the academic program at the classroom level. This position collaborates with the Academic Dean, Education Council, and other faculty to provide a cohesive program and support that enables students to flourish.