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North Pointe Church – Children’s Ministry Director

19862 Amanda Park Dr

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Children’s Ministry Director



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Job Description

The role of the Children’s Ministry Director (CMD) exists to partner with parents to help equip children to
become fruit bearing disciples of Jesus Christ. The CMD primary role is to oversee the children’s ministry strategy of the North Pointe Church under the direction and leadership of the NextGen Director. The CMD will facilitate relational connection and spiritual growth of kids through weekend environments, and volunteer teams. The CMD is a proven Leader of Leaders – Equipping, Empowering, Replicating team members in all areas of this ministry.

The Children’s Ministry Director will be responsible for the following:
Modeling Biblical Character & Upholding NPC Core Values
The CMD is a person of spiritual character and who upholds the beliefs and core values of the North Pointe Church. The CMD should represent a growing personal relationship with Christ with a strong desire to be led by the Holy Spirit to accomplish the ministry work that God has entrusted him/her to steward. The CMD models a strong relationship with his or her spouse (if married) and children (if applicable). The CMD strives to fulfill his or her purpose in life and ministry while demonstrating integrity in words, relationships, and actions.

Leadership of Volunteer Teams
Success in this role will be best accomplished by prioritizing an investment in ministry leaders who, in turn, influence & minister to the children. The CMD is responsible for creating an environment to recruit, develop and empower other children’s ministry leaders:
• Communicating clear vision and wins for staff and volunteer teams on a regular basis.
• Building systems and structures that lead people from being spectators to volunteers.
• Overseeing systems for background checks, safety, and security procedures.
• Overseeing scheduling, training, and care of volunteers.
• Championing the children’s ministry leadership development strategy.
• Providing centralized efforts for training leaders (retreats, tools, etc.)
• Providing staff and volunteer teams with current children’s ministry best practices.
• Providing regular evaluations and feedback to team members.
• Managing budget forecasts and expenses for team leaders.

Oversight of Campus Weekend Experiences
Responsible for creating programs that provide engaging environments for children:
• Develop Scope & Sequence for Children’s Ministry from Birth to 5th Grade (in collaboration with NexGen Director) to teach Bible Stories, Bible Memory Verses, Books of the Bible, Theology, Apologetics on increasing grade levels.
• Build teams of communicators and teachers who can creatively engage kids with the truth of God’s Word and teach them how to apply it to their young lives.
• Providing insight and direction for big picture programming and creative planning processes.
• Selecting relevant curriculum, props, and games for weekend experiences.
• Creating and maintaining a safe environment for all kids.
Oversight of Small Groups (Elementary Age Environments)
Constructs practical onramps and systems to help kids move from visiting to belonging and growing:
• Developing a systematic and effective effort to integrate kid’s small groups into weekend environments.
• Implementing a strategy to equip parents to help their kids take their next steps toward Christ beyond Sunday.

Additional Children’s Ministry Director – Ministry Responsibilities
• Scope & Sequence Development
o Develop a comprehensive ministry plan in collaboration with the NextGen Director for Spiritual, Biblical Development from 0-18yrs.
o Identify the best curriculum that best meets the needs of NPKids now and in the future.
(Currently – Gospel Project curriculum)
• Recruit, onboard, schedule, and manage all volunteers for NPKids
o Care for all NPKids Team Members (relationship building)
o Vision-casting ministry of NPKids
o Background checks, preparation, and equipment of new team members
o Planning Center Volunteer Scheduling for NPKids
• Identify and manage the needed systems to support NPKids
o PCO database management (contact, communication, and scheduling)
o Check-in computers/software
o Member Care for children & family associated with NPKids
• Develop & Evaluate NPKids Ministry Effectiveness
o Primary oversight of NPKids programming on Sunday mornings
o Create, manage, evaluate, annual NPKids ministry events like VBS, Camp, and Parent’s Night Out
o Give ministry away by creating volunteer opportunities and teams
• Support and equip families to raise their kids to have a saving relationship with Jesus
o Life-stage counseling and resourcing
o Baptism counseling for kids
o NPKids Family member care & prayer as needs arise
• LifeSpan Ministry Model
o CMD also partners with the Student Ministry Director (SMD) in what North Pointe Church calls LifeSpan ministry. LifeSpan ministry means leaders from both NPKids & NPStudents work together in the lives of our children from Birth to 18 yrs old. We believe that we can serve the Next Generation better when we partner together in leading and building relationships with our elementary, middle school & high school students.
• Provide NPKids programming when needed at church-wide events
o Christmas, Easter, Church-Sponsored Events
• Administrative Duties
o Oversee Children’s Ministry Assistant
▪ PCO database updates, input, follow-up, first time guests. absentees (contact, communication)
▪ Mailchimp emails to families with resources, events, and updates
▪ Overseeing the financials of the ministry including credit card purchases, Amazon orders, ongoing subscriptions, and special event supply purchases.
▪ Manage NexGen calendar to ensure cohesion with overall church plan
▪ Work with Communication team to highlight events and ministry wins.
▪ Manage & Care for NPKids support staff.