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New Story Church – Associate Pastor

110 Valley Park Dr

Position Type

Associate Pastor



Ministry Area


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Job Description

This is an Associate Pastor position, which (in a church of our size) means you would wear a few hats. Here are the major areas you’d be contributing to:

Head (Recruiter, Trainer, Galvanizer, Organizer, Equipper) of Missions
Your job would be to help us create a culture where life transformation and the mission of God are seen as one thing. We are convinced that the best way to see God transform our people is the same way that God plans on transforming the world. Mission and transformation are not two things, they are one thing. Your job would be to help us keep it one thing. While some teaching and training would be essential, we imagine this would mostly be a work of getting our people on mission with God at home, in our community, in our region, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).

Practically, this would look like:
• Working directly with our Pastor of Spiritual Formation to ensure that missions is part of our Spiritual Formation Pathway
• Developing local and global partnerships
• Discovering, recruiting, & training high-capacity leaders to champion our partnerships
• Gathering and training people (by the dozens) to send them out on mission
• Planning trips and leading teams into the city and around the world
• Teaching our people to live out their vocation as part of God’s mission
• Coaching our people in how to share the Gospel in a post-Christian world

Preacher, Teacher, & Pastor
Depending on your experience and skill level, we’d like to see you help fill the pulpit and carry some of the teaching load for our adult classes. You would also be involved in “pastoral” duties, which might include things like pastoral counseling, planning Sunday morning services, spiritual direction, weddings, funerals, visitation, and the like.