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New Hope Christian Fellowship – Lead Pastor

351 E. Market St.
United States

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Lead Pastor



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Job Description

The role of LEAD PASTOR is to shepherd, preach/teach, equip, and lead New Hope Christian Fellowship under the authority of the word of God. The pastor is subject to the word of God, accountable to the elders and to the congregation as a whole. The pastor should adhere to the tenants of Reformed theology as a basis for ministry.
The Lead Pastor will have a firm grasp on the purpose, values, and intentions of New Hope Christian Fellowship Church, and support all church members in their walk with Jesus Christ. This position has direct oversight of the administrative duties, congregational care/spiritual growth, and connection of both members and guests into the life and ministry of the congregation. This is a full time paid position.

Specific Position Responsibilities
1. Faithful expository preaching of the Word of God after careful exegetical study
2. Compassionate shepherding of the flock
3. Participate with the Associate Pastor and Elders in the development of vision, strategy, goals and plans for general and individual spiritual growth at New Hope Christian Fellowship as a member of the Elder Team.
4. Assist the Elders in the oversight of the New Hope Christian Fellowship staff members, Deacons, and volunteers as well other general administrative duties. Including:
Oversight of all Deacons in training and vision development for each diaconal ministry.
Oversight of general annual budget development and monthly analysis.
Participate in all Elder and Deacon meetings.

5. Participate with Associate Pastor in development and oversight of a discipleship ministry and training of the congregation, including:
Elder training
Deacon training
Discipleship training and oversight of discipleship groups
Small group development/training and oversight

General Position Responsibilities
Maintain and model the mission, vision, and values of New Hope Christian Fellowship.
Provide spiritual leadership in all areas of the church.
Competently manage church resources (staff, volunteers, finances, etc.).
Work closely with the New Hope Christian Fellowship Elders to safeguard proper governance, direction, and leadership within the church.
Exhibit excellent independent judgment and discretion.
Treat each member of New Hope Christian Fellowship with fairness, dignity, and respect, seeking a spirit of unity and harmony.
Perform other duties as assigned.