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New Hope Baptist Church – Senior Pastor

263 Peverly Hill Rd

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Senior Pastor



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Job Description

The New Hope Baptist Church, a vibrant community at 263 Peverly Hill Road, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, established on April 14, 1969, is earnestly seeking a Pastor (a servant leader). The chosen individual will be entrusted by God and the church to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, teach the Bible, and provide Christian leadership to our racially diverse congregation and church ministries, guided by the Holy Spirit.

The ideal applicant will possess the qualifications outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 and must be a licensed Baptist minister of the Gospel.


Must be an ordained Minister.
Applicant must possess a minimum certification or currently enrolled in an approved Bible College / Seminary school.
Must be a Licensed Baptist Minister.
Fulfill the congregation’s spiritual needs through visitations, prayer, weddings and funerals, and the administration of the church’s ordinances.
Must have experience leading a congregation, working with ministries, and providing congregants with religious, moral, and emotional support.

Duties and Responsibilities:

May be bi-vocational.
Conduct worship that enables the congregants to hear and understand the word of God, promoting personal devotion to hearing and doing the word of God.
Create and develop a vision for future church growth and retention.
Available to attend local and state conventions and conferences and cultivate cooperative relationships with other churches and ministries in the city and beyond.
Work cooperatively and collaboratively with the Trustees, Deacons, other church officers, and auxiliaries as they perform their assigned duties.
Works with the Executive Council to ensure a two-way relationship with the congregation and that biblical principles, the church constitution, and by-laws are observed.
Plan and conduct worship services; prepare and deliver sermons; willing to teach Bible Study; preach at all regular services or, on occasion, designate an assistant or guest speaker to carry out this responsibility; Leads all special worship experiences (i.e., Christmas, Easter, etc.).
Work diligently with the Christian Education Ministry, engaging and promoting ministry leaders to participate in becoming Christian Education leaders.
Provide training opportunities and leadership to the congregation for outreach and evangelism.
Engages in counseling, prayer, visitation, and other interpersonal activities sufficient to relate to the flock and be aware of their needs.
Meet monthly or as required with ministry leaders to discuss upcoming events, issues, challenges, and resolutions.

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