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New Day – Children’s Ministry Director

1420 Central Ave
Surfside Beach,

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Children’s Ministry Director



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Job Description

Principal Function

Create an exciting and engaging biblical vision for the Children’s Ministry. Develop an implementation strategy that includes children, parents, volunteers, staff, and community that results in the spiritual development of our children through teaching, training, encouragement, discipleship, missions, and evangelism. Please forward your resume to [email protected] for immediate consideration.



Develop and implement a comprehensive program of care, worship, evangelism, spiritual growth, and service opportunities for the children of the church and their families from birth to 5th grade.
Special Needs Inclusion: Develop strategies and programs to include children with special needs in church activities and ensure their spiritual growth.


Foster significant relationships with parents to provide education and resources to help them parent in a biblical way.
Create an opportunity/plan for whole-family discipleship.
Create and maintain a safe and attractive environment where parents trust the Children’s Ministry Team and volunteers.


Recruit, lead, equip, and retain high-quality volunteers for Children’s Ministry opportunities.
Provide regular and quality training that improves teacher effectiveness.
Collaborate consistently and regularly with the Children’s Ministry Team through training and care.


Plan, organize, and implement children/family events focused on outreach and evangelism.
Partner with local schools (including FBC Wee School) to develop relationships with the staff and children with the purpose of sharing Jesus’ love.


Collaborate and work together with the church staff team in regularly scheduled meetings.
Create and/or present a yearly ministry plan with/to the staff, which includes a vision for the Children’s Ministry and funding to support that vision.


A personal, observable relationship with Jesus Christ and a sense of God’s calling to serve the church as a minister.
A passion to see children and their families grow in Christ.
Personality gifts that relate effectively to children, their families, and the community at large.
Giftedness in leadership, recruitment, teaching, and organizational management.
Ability to maintain a healthy ministry/family balance.
Be flexible and adaptable.
Please forward your resume for immediate consideration to – [email protected]