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Narberth Presbyterian Church – Sr. Pastor and Head of Staff

205 Grayling Avenue
United States

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Senior Pastor


Presbyterian (Other)

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Job Description

Narberth Presbyterian Church desires a pastor who has a deep passion for the Lord, dedication to the Bible, and views consistent with those of the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians (ECO). The Pastor shall be devoted to the service of Christ and the church, preaching, and teaching the Word of God. The Pastor shall lead the church to fulfill its vision statement.

  1. POSITION TITLE: Senior Pastor and Head of Staff
  1. POSITION PURPOSE: To provide the ministry of the Word, sacrament, teaching, care, and church oversight to further the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


  1. Worship
    1. Foster a worshipful attitude and atmosphere in all church activities and
    2. Ensure the vitality and meaningfulness of worship services for those present in person as well as those attending online, providing the ministry of the Word and sacrament.
    3. Through preaching the Word of God, inspire the congregation to grow in their faith and to seek opportunities to share their faith in their spheres of influence and the communities around
    4. Determine with the Session, Pastoral Staff, and Worship Committee the church’s policies relating to the ordering of the congregation’s worship.
  1. Pastoral Care
    1. Provide, and encourage leaders in the teaching needed for the spiritual life and nurture of the
    2. Provide opportunities for the laity to be unleashed to minister to congregants and
    3. Work collaboratively with the Associate Pastor, the Parish Visitor, Session, Deacons, and other lay leaders to counsel members and friends of the congregation who are in transition, in crisis, facing sickness, struggles, or grief.
    4. Provide the needed support for ministries that address the needs of the people, including Holy Communion, weddings, and funerals.
    5. Actively engage with current members, supporting and encouraging them in their faith
    6. Welcome visitors and new members to ensure the ongoing health and growth of the congregation and provide opportunities for them to find a place in the NPC community.
  1. Leadership
    1. Set the agenda for both scheduled and called Session Meetings and serve as Moderator of the
    2. Oversee the Board of
    3. Oversee a mission program with local, regional, and worldwide
    4. Encourage the training and empowerment of staff, lay leaders and covenant partners to reach the world for Christ. Through example and instruction enable the congregation to increase their ability to speak about their faith to a hurting world.
    5. Support Intergenerational ministry, including programming for children and youth as well as encouraging mentorship and growth through doing service and mission projects together.
    6. Promote connection with others in Narberth and the greater Philadelphia area beyond the congregation, inviting individuals on a deeper personal faith journey where they keep company with Jesus in the “stuff” of their everyday life.
    7. As Head of Staff, provide direct supervision for all Pastoral Staff members, overseeing their efforts, encouraging and giving them developmental opportunities, and holding them accountable for their accepted responsibilities (along with any direct supervisors).
  1. Assist with the implementation and fulfillment of programs by supporting and encouraging
  2. Assist the Session in providing for the proper maintenance and development of church facilities, official records, and financial resources.
  3. Maintain regular communication and coordination with the
  1. The Senior Pastor is accountable to the Session and the Presbytery for all matters relating to the exercise and fulfillment of his/her responsibilities.
  1. The Senior Pastor is a member of the church Staff, and therefore responsible for cooperating with other staff members in the overall operation of the church office.
  1. The Senior Pastor is a member of the Heritage Presbytery of the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians (ECO) and shall attend its meetings, serve on its committees as called upon, and further the connectional relationship between Narberth Presbyterian Church and ECO.
  1. REQUIRED EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and demonstrated competency in ministry proficiency, theological integration, spiritual and emotional health, and leadership skill accomplished with a master’s degree from an accredited theological seminary in biblical or theological studies or ECO’s Flourish Institute of Theology: School of Ministry or similar program established by ECO and ECO’s Pastoral Ordination Preparation and Assessment. The ideal candidate will have at least 10 years of experience in a related ministry.

VII. WORKING CONDITIONS: The Senior Pastor will work primarily at the church, but must also be available to visit members and friends in homes, hospitals, etc. The Pastor can and will sometimes work off-site to fulfill his/her duties. Hours are unpredictable and often require attendance at evening classes, committee meetings, services and other functions.

VIII. SKILL AND PERSONAL REQUIREMENTS: Above all else, the Senior Pastor must be a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ and possess a strong desire to minister to individuals in various stages of faith. Flexibility is required, along with a highly developed sense of confidentiality and sensitivity to the needs of others. Must demonstrate understanding and respect for the racial, economic, and cultural diversity of the congregation and surrounding communities. Must adhere to the Core Values statement of Narberth Presbyterian Church.