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Montana Bible College – Dean of Students

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Montana Bible College seeks a mission-fit, qualified and motivated person to be our Dean of Students. The Dean of Students is responsible for the oversight of student life at MBC. Student life includes spiritual input outside the classroom via chapel and discipleship; leading and shaping of campus culture; social activities; student care/support; developing of student leaders; student ministries and ministry opportunities; the living accommodations; student living policies; recreational / activity spaces; campus safety; and student service jobs.

Montana Bible College has a strong emphasis on training disciple-makers. The Dean of Students plays a critical role in understanding, articulating and implementing discipleship with the life and ministry of Jesus as the model. It is a preference that the Dean of Students is qualified to participate in or lead the classroom instruction in this key area of focus.

This role has potential for internal advancement when the enrollment would sufficiently increase to necessitate that position. Advancement would be based upon outstanding service, team chemistry and demonstration of executive aptitude and capabilities.
This is an opportunity to work in a relational environment where other staff and the students are known by name, and we can share life together. It’s an opportunity to work in a Christian ministry setting where our work makes a direct Kingdom impact.

Responsibilities and Qualifications: See the job description posted on our website.

Basic Details: This is a full-time position starting at $60,000 depending on education and experience.

Hiring Process: Interested persons should apply through the MBC web site – to include a cover letter explaining interest in the position and a resume. Persons of interest to the College will be contacted for an exploratory conversation. If mutual interest continues, an interview process will be established. MBC intends to hire this position as soon as the right person is identified and starting arrangements can be made.