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Milford Bible Church – Lead Pastor

110 Foxcroft Dr

Position Type

Lead/Senior Pastor



Ministry Area


Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

Gospel Preaching and Teaching

The Lead Pastor will:

Assume primary responsibility for providing clear, compelling, expositional, Christ-centered preaching of the whole counsel of God.
Be actively involved in teaching outside the primary Sunday morning service.

In cooperation with the other Pastors and Elders, the Lead Pastor will:

Take initiative to safeguard doctrine, develop the mission, vision and core values, and cast and execute the vision for MBC in alignment with Scripture.
Equip MBC for discipleship, growth, evangelism, prayer, and other forms of ministry.
Be involved in pastoral care, counseling, visitation, and discipline.
Perform funerals, weddings, baptisms, and baby dedications as needed.


The Lead Pastor will:

Identify and train leaders from among the congregation.
Foster unity among the elder team.
Ensure that other elders, interns, and gifted men are equipped and offered opportunities to preach at MBC services.
Ensure services are conducted for the glory of God, edification of the believer and salvation of the lost, in alignment with Scripture and MBC’s core values.
Oversee all MBC paid staff.

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter and recordings of three recent sermons to along with the attached introductory questionnaire to: [email protected]

1. Please give a brief personal testimony of salvation and description of your current walk with the Lord.
2. Describe your understanding of the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture.
3. Describe your understanding of the relationship between the roles of Men and Women in the church?
4. Describe your understanding of the church’s role in relation to social justice?