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Mesquite Bible Church – Pastor

2124 Motley Drive
United States

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The congregation of Mesquite Bible Church, located in Mesquite, Texas, is seeking the man God is calling to become our next Pastor. With prayerful hearts, we feel the following qualities are pleasing to the Lord and we hope to find them in His choice shepherd.


  • Meets the descriptions of an Elder as found in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1 and 1 Peter 5.
  • Agrees with the Mesquite Bible Church Doctrinal Statement and is supportive of the
    church’s mission and core values as contained in the Church Constitution.
  • Devoted to serving God by leading Mesquite Bible Church as an Elder and Shepherd
    teaming with fellow MBC Elders and church leaders to guide the church into the days
  • A strong communicator, committed to the expository proclamation and teaching of
    God’s Word and the preparation required with a view to encouraging His church to
    love and good works.
  • Invests a portion of his ministry in pastoral care and biblical counseling when needed
    and appropriate.
  • Committed to making disciples who make disciples as well as developing leaders for
  • Has an earned degree from a credible, Bible-believing, evangelical college and/or
  • If a family man, his wife and children love the Lord and are supportive of his ministry.
  • Devoted to prayer.
  • Committed to personal Bible study and spiritual growth.
  • Active experience in leading others to saving faith in Christ.


  • Experience in pastoral ministry.
  • Committed to reaching the lost with the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith in
    Christ Jesus.
  • A strong understanding and experience in leading scripturally healthy churches.
  • A strong commitment to world missions.
  • A man who strives to connect with people of all ages and all stations in life.
  • A man who displays a useful understanding of the original languages of the Bible.
  • We hope for a full-time Pastor, yet we are open to a bi-vocational Pastor and exploring
    newer models of church staffing as the Lord leads.