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Mayfair Bible Church (MBC) – Lead Pastor

5339 W. Pierson Road
Flushing ,
United States

Position Type

Lead Pastor



Ministry Area


Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

Mayfair Bible Church (MBC) is looking for a lead pastor to join its team of elders in shepherding God’s flock. The elder board—which consists of five or more lay elders, two associate pastors, and the lead pastor—works with the deacon board to guide, serve, and love the church family.

Responsibilities of the Senior/Lead Pastor:

• Preach and teach the Word of God
• Provide for the regular observance of the ordinances and ceremonies of the church
• Provide pastoral care
• Provide spiritual leadership for church members
• Assist department heads in the promotion and overall work of their departments
• Equip the believers for works of service
• Hold regular staff meetings
• Perform all other duties as required