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Makakilo Bible Church – Ministry Leader

92-611 Makakilo Dr

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Associate Pastor of Worship and Discipleship


Baptist (SBC)

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Makakilo Bible Church (Kapolei, HI ~ is looking for a full-time ministry leader. Our desire is that our minister would walk in the Spirit (Galatians 5:16-26) and qualify in character to the standards laid out in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. We also hope that he would be someone with some ministry experience and have a love for God’s people. He must also be willing to work in an international setting (Honolulu), in a multi-ethnic church.

The job description will be determined both by his gifts and the needs of the church. Our most basic needs will be for someone who can:
• Lead the worship band and congregation in weekly worship.
• Teach and/or guide both small and large groups.
• Disciple men in the church–both on an individual level and in groups.
• Organize and lead teams in various tasks.
• Oversee the multimedia of the church (e.g. audio, video, pro-presenter)
• The minister would join the staff with the prospect of eventually becoming of our pastors/elders.

All candidates can send a CV with ministry philosophy, a cover letter, and any questions to:
[email protected]
Makakilo Bible Church ATTN Pastors
92-611 Makakilo Dr. Kapolei, HI 96707

Makakilo Bible Church was started in 1971 by a US Navy Officer and some who lived near Barber’s Point Naval Base, just south of Makakilo. Since its inception, thanks to the diversity in Hawaii, the church has been the spiritual family for people from all over the world. Currently, we have about 300 members and 300-400 attendees each Sunday. The last we checked, over 50 different nationalities call MBC home. Because our congregation is about 30-40% military (similar to the Oahu population), we lose and gain some 80-150 people each year.

MBC has undergone a steady transformation over the last decade. Theologically, we are situated squarely in the reformed tradition (Baptistic). Ecclesiologically, we are elder-led and deacon-served, and the congregation keeps watch over one another and annually affirms the elders. Our statement of faith can be found on our website and is based on the New Hampshire confession of 1833.

Over the past decade, we have hosted conferences with such preachers as Derek Thomas, Alistair Begg, Tim Challies, and Jason Allen. In the Fall of 2025, we will be hosting a Ligonier Conference.
Our two current full-time staff members are Jon Elliff and Spencer Revely. Jon is a graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Spencer is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary.
Our worship services are somewhat cohesive with the Regulative Principle for Worship. We appreciate doctrinally sound songs, written well. So, while we vary somewhat in song style, our worship service is decidedly focused on congregational singing and not stage performance. We believe the Lord’s Day worship service should be designed primarily to glorify God and teach one another, rather than the all-too-common marketing and growth efforts of many worship services today.

Living in Hawaii, for most people in the US, would feel like a foreign country. Those from the mainland US, must consider the costs. For most, this typically means a significant change in standard of living; and, for all with relatives on the mainland, this means being away from family, years at a time. One must be prepared to live a small and simple lifestyle, enjoy new foods, new cultures, new experiences, and be open to the many different backgrounds and political persuasions of Hawaii. While many candidates would have to consider a possible lower standard of living in terms of house size and disposable income, the Elders of Makakilo Bible Church are committed to providing the staff with sufficient income for them and their families to live comfortably and be able to focus on the work of ministry.