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Lockwood Community Church – Pastor of Youth Ministries

202 E Lockwood Rd

Position Type

Pastor of Youth Ministry



Ministry Area

Youth/Student Ministry

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Job Description

Position: Full-time Pastor of middle school and high school students and other duties as assigned by the senior pastor according to your giftings.

Lockwood Community Church is a fellowship of about 400 people in a rural setting outside Coldwater, MI. About 40 students are involved in our youth ministry. We are committed To Christ, to Christlikeness, to one another, and to the world.


The Pastor of Youth Ministries will serve the Body of Christ at Lockwood by helping students grow spiritually mature. He will provide pastoral ministry to students, parents, and youth ministry staff. He will also function in other aspects of the congregation’s life and ministries as deemed beneficial by the senior pastor and other elders.


The Youth Pastor’s primary responsibility is to pastor students in the 6th–12th grades. He will model love and respect for Jesus and love and respect for students in an atmosphere that encourages students to commit their lives to Christ and to pursuing Christlikeness, to loving each other and the world.

The range of responsibilities for this position includes, but is not limited to, the following:

• Encourage the introduction and assimilation of students into the life of the congregation as active participants of the Lockwood family. This will include conversion, baptism, discipleship, membership, ministry involvement, youth leadership development, etc.).
• Develop appropriate Bible-based ministries that seek to address the spiritual needs of non-Christians as well as deeply committed followers of Christ.
• Build relationships with and among students so they will be encouraged and challenged to grow spiritually and personally.
• Regularly pray for students, parents, and leaders.
• Plan events and activities for youth that will advance the goals stated above.
• Plan game(s) and recruit volunteers for worship music.
• Provide pastoral care, including counseling for youth and their family and friends as needed (and appropriate).
• Serve as the primary teacher for all facets of youth ministry, accepting overall responsibility for the doctrine and teaching students receive and delegating this responsibility as appropriate and necessary.
• Facilitate effective communication between youth, parents, adult volunteers, and the larger Church.
• Recruit adult volunteer staff to serve in various areas of Youth Ministries, seeing their growth and development as an important part of Youth Ministries.
• Provide leadership and direct supervision for youth ministry volunteer staff, creating an environment for their spiritual growth and ministry development. (Help them enjoy the work and succeed at it.)
• Recruit youth to lead and serve in various areas of ministry. (Help them enjoy the work and succeed at it.)
• Read, attend conferences and/or training to continue education and growth for ministry.
• Submit an annual budget for youth ministry. Additionally, accept financial oversight and responsibility for youth group activities, programs, and mission trips.
• Work with pastoral staff and other ministry leaders and volunteers, providing mutual support toward the harmonious functioning of all ministries to the glory of God.
• Minister to students in the community as an extension of LCC’s youth ministry (e.g., present at school lunches, prayer groups, and, if possible, take part in the Homeschool group at Lockwood, etc.).
• Attends and participates in weekly staff meetings, church forum meetings, and the annual church meeting.


• Has received new life through faith in Jesus Christ and has publicly declared his faith.
• Is growing in grace and in his knowledge of God.
• Loves the Bible.
• Spends significant time talking to God.
• Shows evidence of control by the Holy Spirit in all aspects of personal life.
• Desires to live a holy life and wants to be held accountable.

• Possesses relational, teaching, and discipleship skills.
• Is in full agreement with the Lockwood Community Church Statement of Faith, Vision, Statement, and Covenant.
• Has experience in providing leadership in a student ministry.
• Feels called to a ministry of discipling people to Jesus.
• Has significant education or training in Biblical studies and has experience teaching the scriptures.

• Is relational, approachable, and relates well to people of all ages.
• Is humble and teachable – a lifelong learner.
• Enjoys working.
• Committed to stay in this position for at least 5 years.
• Has a healthy, loving family life.
• Is warm, friendly, relational, and sincere.
• Is deeply committed to the local church and to outreach.

The Youth Pastor is directly accountable to the Lead Pastor and will work closely with other staff. He will work in a loyal and accountable manner with the Senior Pastor in the formation and execution of his various duties and ministries.

If you believe God may be calling you to serve in this ministry, please send your resume and cover letter to
[email protected] or mail it to:

Lockwood Church
202 E. Lockwood Road,
Coldwater, MI 49036