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Living Hope Bible Church – Assistant/Associate Pastor

201 W Walnut St

Position Type

Assistant/Associate Pastor



Ministry Area


Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

1.    Support the Senior Pastor in the overall vision casting and leadership of the church’s teaching and weekend service planning, design, and execution. Developing goals and objectives for the ministry area.

2.    Communication skills to effectively preach several times a year and be prepared to be the emergency backup speaker in case of last-minute need. Always have an “emergency” sermon ready.

3.    Recruit, teach, train, spiritually support, and effectively serve volunteers for adult small groups and ministries within the church.

4.    Provide leadership in developing the high school youth and young adult ministries.

5.    Conduct the occasional funeral and wedding.

6.    Assist with the annual Living Hope Camp.

7.    Provide pastoral care to youth and families; provide confidential pastor counseling to children, youth, and families.

8.    Intentional about building relationships with the congregation.

9.    Interact & foster a relationship with the school systems in the area.

10. Provide oversight and assist with the planning of our Life Groups.

11. Recruit and equip adult ministry servants to help plan and implement ministry objectives and events through a Youth Ministry Team.

12. Must read and understand the Living Hope by-laws.

13. Ministry opportunities and responsibilities may be

14.  assigned by the senior pastor. This will always be consultative, including occasional preaching, regular worship leadership, general pastoral visitation, assisting with classes, and other ministry functions.

15. Ensure continuity between the various ministries.

16. Follow the Safe Haven Child Protection Policy and train their ministry servants accordingly.

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