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Living Hope Baptist Church – Pastor for Parent and Family Discipleship

1805 Westen St
Bowling Green,

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Pastor for Parent and Family Discipleship


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Meet Living Hope Baptist Church:

As Living Hope celebrated their 25th year of ministry, and entered a new millennium, Dr. Jason Pettus was called as their new Senior Pastor in July 2001. Over the last two decades, the Lord has graciously continued to bless the Living Hope family, and they have continued to grow and seek ways to reach people. Through a continuing commitment of investing in children, students, families, and folks of all ages, there have been several new ministry facilities built, along with the addition of two other campuses.

Since the church’s founding at least 2300 people have expressed initial saving faith in Jesus. Living Hope has also moved from a traditional Southern Baptist church to a more contemporary missional / elder-led church. There has also been a consistent commitment to church planting and revitalization. The Living Hope family has a heartbeat for global missions— giving over $2.8 million in mission offerings, and sending teams to 37 countries on six continents, and to 23 states.

Living Hope has been instrumental in the development of Hope House, a gospel-based community ministry center, offering benevolence assistance with food or clothing, as well as job training, GED classes, and financial training. Their orphan care movement serves to provide multi-faceted support for families called to foster care and those pursuing both domestic and international adoptions.

God has been faithful in writing their story, and as Living Hope continues to grow and invest in others, they trust that He will continue to lead them into their next season of ministry.

About the Pastor for Parent and Family Discipleship:

The Pastor for Parenting & Family Discipleship will equip the Living Hope family of disciples to know, love, and obey Jesus so they impact their homes, their neighbors, and every generation with the hope of Jesus by championing family discipleship and overseeing the training of parents as the primary disciplers of their children.

They will also direct and oversee the Next Generation discipleship team; serve as a catalyst and coordinator of parental involvement with Living Hope ministries; guide the adoption and foster care ministries; connect with and equip parents in the “empty nest” stage of life; and develop ministry staff and volunteers/partners.

The Pastor for Parent and Family Discipleship responsibilities include:

Oversee the Training of Parents

Be the primary champion and vocal advocate for family discipleship and the role of parents as the primary disciplers, or faith-trainers, of their children

Communicate to parents and the church family our commitment to equip and encourage families to embrace a Great Commission lifestyle or rhythm of time, moments, and milestones.

Be the primary teacher and lead all aspects of the Sunday morning Parent Gathering i.e., determine teaching themes, schedule Next Gen team involvement, develop a broader team of leaders, design breakouts, etc.

Develop other training/equipping opportunities or resources for parents, as needed.

Meet regularly with parents to deepen relationships, give encouragement, offer practical and Biblical counsel on parenting issues.

Encourage parental engagement with all aspects of the Disciple’s Life so that they will grow deeper in the Word and stronger in the faith they will pass on.

Ensure that parents are trained in how to have gospel conversations with their children.

Equip ministry staff, volunteers, and parents to use Living Hope’s disciple-making tools: Three Big Things, Essentials for Disciples, The Disciple’s Life – and assist with the development of age-appropriate versions.

Be a first responder with Biblical care and counsel for crises / challenges families and their children.

Initiate personal referrals to the Hope Center for Biblical Counseling or Hope Center for Pregnancy, when necessary.

Direct and Oversee the Next Generation & Family Discipleship Team.

Serve as the team lead and supervisor of the pastors, ministers, and staff of the Next Generation & Family Discipleship team.

Coordinate the team to pursue a family equipping model of family discipleship that partners with parents.

In cooperation with the entire Next Gen team, consistently communicate with parents about ministries, activities, and opportunities for parents and families.

Oversee the development, management, and communication of Next Gen policies for volunteers, security, and etc.

Serve as a Catalyst and Coordinator of Parental Involvement

Encourage parents to participate with Living Hope ministries as a part of their personal pursuit of the Disciple’s and model a life of discipleship for their children.

Engage regularly with other pastoral/ministerial leaders about plans for activities that address, involve, or impact parents and families.

Serve as a consultant providing resources, perspective, etc. to any ministry desiring to address parents and/or families.

Guide the Adoption and Foster Care Ministries

Develop a team to encourage and promote the ministries of compassion through adoption and foster care in the Living Hope faith-family.

Provide resources, pastoral care, counsel, and other help for Living Hope families pursuing adoption and/or foster care.

Manage a communication plan to regularly inform, encourage, and challenge Living Hope members with the need for adoption and foster care.

Manage the Orphan Care Fund and any applications or disbursements from it.

In coordination with the Pastor for Local Impact Missions, develop partnering relationships and serve as a liaison with state, independent, and denominational agencies dealing with adoption and foster care.

Connect and Equip “Empty Nest” Parents

Develop and communicate a vision for the discipleship, engagement, and/or recovery of parents whose children have graduated high school and/or college.

Provide training and resources for these parents along with opportunities for relationships with others in the same lifestage.

Engage and address specific issues related to prodigal children or dysfunctional relationships with adult children.

Develop Ministry Staff and Volunteers / Partners

Provide opportunities for Living Hope attendees and covenant members to serve the church and the Kingdom, grow in Christ, and deepen relationships while serving in Next Generation & Family Discipleship Ministries.

Cultivate, replicate, and grow ministry leaders – numerically, practically, and spiritually – through a Ministry Leadership Pipeline for Parenting and Family Discipleship through training opportunities/events, resources, etc. for all staff and volunteers/ministry partners.

Lovingly shepherd all ministry staff and partners to mature spiritually and faithfully live out all aspects of the Disciple’s Life.

Develop an atmosphere of joy and encouragement, including regular expressions of appreciation to Next Gen, Parenting, and Family Discipleship ministry staff and partners throughout the year.

Oversee and guide the work of any participants with Ministers in Training at Living Hope: ministry assistants, interns, apprentices, and /or residents.

General Ministry Responsibilities

Oversee daily operations for all areas of the Next Generation & Family Discipleship ministries.

Prepare and manage the annual budgets for Next Generation & Family Discipleship ministries.

Develop an annual strategic plan for Next Generation & Family Discipleship ministries.

Develop and maintain clear communication processes – both internally to ministry staff /volunteers and partners and the church family.

Work in accordance with all policies and parameters in the current Living Hope Personnel Handbook.

Engage as a full partner in all the work, meetings, and relationships that come with being a part of the Living Hope Pastoral / Ministerial team.

Contribute to the joy, love, peace, passion, integrity, unity, and spiritual health of our ministry staff team.

Share responsibility for congregational pastoral care with other pastors and ministers.

Other ministry duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

What You Bring:

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Pastor for Parent and Family Discipleship:

Education & Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies or related field or equivalent experience.

8-10 years of experience with children’s, student, and/or family ministries in a local church.

Ordained as a Christian pastor; or morally and spiritually qualified to be ordained by Living Hope.

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

He will have an ever-increasing love for and personal relationship with the Lord.

Is a life-long learner/apprentice, and disciple-maker.

Has a deep and genuine knowledge of God’s word.

Fulfills the elder qualifications found in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

Gives testimony and evidence of a personal and specific calling to ministry to parents and family discipleship ministry.

Models humility and Christ-likeness in attitude, word, and action in all relationships and circumstances.

Has a healthy family life marked by a strong marriage and substantial relationships with his children.

Has a demonstrated commitment to and understanding of the ministry of the local church, church members, staff, and the community.

Has a well-articulated and passionate commitment for fulfilling the Great Commission.

Affirms, personally practices, models, and encourages involvement with Living Hope’s personal disciple- making process.

Possess good interpersonal skills and proven administrative abilities.

Is an excellent communicator—in both written and verbal forms.

Has the ability to effectively teach (and train others how to teach or guide discussions about) the Bible.

Demonstrated ability to effectively recruit, develop, and lead teams.

Possess a heart for, understanding of, and commitment to Biblical peacemaking (

Is theologically and relationally compatible with the pastoral / ministerial staff.

Enthusiastically embrace the vision, mission, strategy, and values of Living Hope found in our Membership Covenant as well as the Living Hope Employee Handbook.

Is a covenant member in good standing of Living Hope Baptist Church.

What it’s Like to Live in Bowling Green, KY:

Located 60 miles north of Nashville and 110 miles south of Louisville off Interstate 65, Bowling Green is the third-most populous city in the state of Kentucky after Louisville and Lexington.

Significant companies in Bowling Green include the GM Corvette Assembly Plant, Fruit of the Loom/ Russell Athletics, Houchens Industries, Holley Performance Products, and Camping World. The third largest Kentucky public university, Western Kentucky University, is situated upon a hill in central Bowling Green.

Today Bowling Green is a regional entertainment hub for more than 275,000 people in 11 surrounding counties with options that include an amusement park, live music, national theater productions, over 20 parks, and minor league baseball. It has been recognized by Reader’s Digest as one of the nicest places to live in America, was ranked as the best place to live in Kentucky by Money Magazine in 2018, was included in the 2020 top 100 places to live list by, and in 2022 was named one of the South’s Best Cities on the Rise by Southern Living.