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Living Branch Church – Assistant Pastor

54 North 9th St, Ste 240

Position Type

Assistant Pastor


Presbyterian (PCA)

Ministry Area

Youth/Student Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

1. Be vigilant to maintain a close, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer and Scripture, evidenced by holiness, humility, integrity and transparency.
2. Seek obedience through the power of the Holy Spirit to the requirements laid out in 1 Timothy 3 for the office of elder.
3. Remain committed to loving and caring for his wife and children and not allowing the consuming and demanding nature of his pastoral call to result in neglect of his family.
4. Pursue ongoing spiritual growth through personal study and further theological education, thereby equipping himself for spiritual battle and for helping others in the congregation and community.
5. Maintain regular contact with mentors for wisdom, encouragement, counsel, and accountability.
6. Be committed to regularly and actively praying for the congregation as a whole and its individuals by name and taking an active interest in the individual congregants’ lives, including their spiritual growth and challenges.

Core Responsibilities
Candidates will need to demonstrate gifting and desire in the areas of youth ministry and preaching.
Youth Ministry: Approximately 50% of responsibilities
1. The Assistant Pastor will be primarily responsible for leading the Youth Ministry Team at Living Branch Church.
a. This involves working with an established team of volunteers to deepen and grow the youth ministry at Living Branch.
b. The current youth ministry consists of bi-weekly Bible studies with over 20 students in the 6th-12th grade along with an annual presbytery retreat.
c. We desire an individual who will be able to cast vision and grow the youth ministry both in terms of depth of discipleship with current students and in terms of expanding the reach of the ministry to new students.
2. The Assistant Pastor, as Director of Youth Ministry, will meet on a regular basis with the Senior Pastor and/or a ruling elder for youth ministry oversight.

Sunday Morning Worship/Preaching
1. Preach approximately 10-12 times a year
2. Help lead Sunday worship (Call to Worship, pastoral prayer, communion, etc..) 3. Help organize set-up for Sunday worship (greeters, chairs, etc.)

Secondary Responsibilities
This section of the job description is intended to give flexibility to meet the needs of Living Branch and also to utilize the specific giftings of potential candidates. The following ministries include some areas of need within the church (there may be others).Note: we would not ask a candidate to participate in all of these ministries.
Leading the Outreach team
Pastoral Care
Meeting with and caring for the people of Living Branch
Social Media and Website
Overseeing the Living Branch website and social media presence
Adult Discipleship
Further developing the Adult Discipleship Ministry
Men’s Ministry
Participating in the leadership team of the Men’s Ministry
Music Ministry
Participating in the Worship Team

Other Responsibilities
In addition to ministry responsibilities, a candidate would be expected to pursue the following objectives.
Personal Development
1. Pursue professional growth in the Word and ministry skills
2. Meet with the Senior Pastor for mutual encouragement and growth Presbytery/denominational life
1. Attend Presbytery and Pastor’s Prayer meetings as able
a. Presbytery meets quarterly in February, May, September, and November b. Pastor’s Prayer meets on the third Wednesday of each month

1. Attend Session meetings as able or requested 2. Attend staff meetings
Vacation/Study Leave
4 weeks of vacation and 2 weeks of Study Leave