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Lakeshore Community Church – Student Pastor

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Student Pastor



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Job Description

General Ministry & Job Description:

To effectively lead and develop Lakeshore Students for Middle School (grades 6-8) & High School (grades 9-12) with the goal of helping students know God through a relationship with Jesus Christ and make a difference in their world. To identify and develop ministry team volunteers and leaders to do the work of the ministry. To perform pastoral responsibilities as needed for the larger church.

Big Four:

Discipleship of Middle School students.
Discipleship of High School students.
Development of adult ministry volunteers/leaders.
Pastoral responsibilities.

Position Responsibilities & Vision:

Advance the mission of Lakeshore Students to help more students come to know God through a relationship with Jesus Christ and make a difference in the world around them.
Program Wednesday gatherings, Sunday Bible studies, and special events for students so they are fun, engaging, and effective at reaching students at various stages of spiritual maturity.
Select teaching curricula that is biblically accurate, has engaging content, and addresses the felt needs of students and their unsaved friends.
Identify, raise up, and develop volunteers and leaders who help carry out the ministry to students.  The Student Pastor must be a leader of leaders.
Continually develop our student small groups so more students are connected to caring, adult leaders and are consistently challenged to take the next step in their relationship with Jesus.
Ensure consistent and effective communication with the parents of students.
Steward and manage the ministry’s annual budget.
Perform pastoral responsibilities outside of the student ministry such as the occasional wedding, funeral, and other pastoral care activities.
Report directly to the Executive Pastor.

Personal Abilities & Skills:

Organizational and administrative abilities to plan effective events and coordinate volunteers.
Strong giftedness and confidence in public teaching and preaching.
Ability to continually recruit, train, develop, and unleash a growing team of adult volunteers.
A consistent self-starter who is willing to accept responsibility for the success of their ministry.
Strong ability to work with people of various temperaments, gifts, passions, & church backgrounds.
Ability to communicate effectively with students, parents, leaders, & staff members.
Desire to work closely with people and staff to develop meaningful friendships with them.
Creative abilities to regularly think “outside the box” and be a “calculated risk taker”.

Spiritual Gifts & Passion Areas:


Personal Qualifications:

Experience: Minimum 2-years’ experience in a similar role.
Education: Minimum 4-year degree from an accredited college, preferably with a Bible degree.
An intimate & authentic relationship with God exemplified by a deep love for people.
Striving to live with integrity and honesty in all areas.
Regular observance of spiritual growth disciplines: Bible reading/study, prayer, Sabbath, solitude, journaling, accountable relationships.
Has experience within an attractional philosophy of ministry.
Decisions marked by a genuine faith and trust in God.
Biblical leadership of the family, with intentional focus on living authentically at home and church.
Possesses a teachable spirit and attitude.


Lakeshore Students is a ministry dedicated to helping students to know God through a relationship with Jesus Christ and make a difference in their world.  It is an extension of the larger church and has a heart to reach students who may not feel comfortable with church or have no church background whatsoever.  Lakeshore Students ministry happens in the following context:

Wednesday Evening:

Lakeshore’s Middle School and High School students come together on Wednesday evenings, averaging around 30 students weekly. Relational connection, practical teaching, and small group conversations are the core that makes up this gathering.  There is a combined teaching time followed by small groups divided by age and gender.

Sunday Morning:

In addition, Lakeshore Students offers an in-depth Bible study during the 11am service on Sundays for both Middle School and High School students who want to GO deeper in their understanding of the Bible and GROW deeper in their faith.

Small Groups:

The leaders of Lakeshore Students have invested time and energy developing small groups for students. This is where students deepen their connection with one another, with their adult Small Group Leaders, and learn how to apply their faith in the world they live in.

Special Events:

Lakeshore Students also holds special events that create a fun, safe place for students to invite their friends who may not normally attend church. These are scheduled throughout the year and include things like Capture The Flag, Youth Connect Overnight, Corn Maze, Ice Skating, etc.


Regular missions trips are a part of the strategy for Lakeshore Students. Having done multiple Global and Local missions trips, Lakeshore knows the value of supporting our Missions Partners by sending adults and students on short term missions trips.  Our adults and students get to work with our missionaries by serving people and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as they are exposed to other cultures and realities outside of Rochester.


Lakeshore is eager to get behind a Student Pastor with a strong drive to advance the mission of Lakeshore Students and continue building on the strong foundation that was built over the last five years.  They are looking for a Student Pastor who can build into the core group of students, creating an exciting, fun, and life-changing atmosphere where students can invite and bring their friends.


The volunteers who are serving in Lakeshore Students are the reason why the ministry is going strong! They are a passionate group with a huge heart for students. They are ready for a Student Pastor who is a Leader of Leaders and is excited to further develop the team and unleash them to do the work of the ministry.


In 2019, Lakeshore added a 1,600 square foot Large Gathering Space onto the existing Lakeshore Student classrooms, for a total of 3,160 square feet of dedicated student space.  This new space allows Students to gather for worship, teaching, fun activities, and special events. Simultaneously, a new Lakeshore Students brand was revealed giving Lakeshore Students their own clean, fresh, and exciting identity within the larger Lakeshore community.


Because of the demographics of Lakeshore, we are reaching families who are far from God. This means many of the students who attend Lakeshore Students’ gatherings come with an unchurched background. Lakeshore Students is the ministry for a Student Pastor who has a special heart for those who don’t have a churched background. This can make ministry at times more messy, but definitely a lot more exciting and rewarding.


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