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Lakepointe Church – Children’s Director

53245 Van Dyke Ave
Shelby Township,

Position Type

Children’s Ministry Director



Ministry Area

Children’s/Family Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

Children’s Director

Purpose: To create a children’s ministry that spiritually equips children, empowers and trains volunteers, engages parents, and provides children with a biblical foundation.

Reports to: Executive Pastor            Reports to you: Children’s Ministry Volunteers

Employee type: Ministry Staff         Position type: Full Time

Hours per week: 40 hours per week

Areas of Responsibility:

General Leadership Responsibilities

Have a complete commitment to the vision of Lakepointe Church.
Participate, as a member of the pastoral leadership team, attending necessary meetings and special events.
Oversee the teaching aspect of all LP Kids activities and events.
Assist the effort to minister to the parenting needs of the church body.
Attract and retain children and families to LP Kids, fostering relationships and building spiritual growth.
Participate in all staff meetings and retreats.
Oversee the LP Kids branding and marketing. This includes the web presence (website, social media), emails, direct mailing, and marketing.
Meet regularly with the Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor, allowing all parties to stay informed.

LP Kids Responsibilities

Maintain environments – organization, inventory, improvements, advise of needed repairs.
Develop and execute a yearly strategic plan for LP Kids.
Establish a network of resources with other vibrant children’s ministries and conferences.
Order products needed as related to LP Kids.
In consultation with senior church leadership, develop an annual budget for LP Kids and operate within the constraints of that budget.
Promote community involvement by planning opportunities for LP kids and families to serve in outreach opportunities throughout the year.
Review all curriculum used by LP Kids and ensure they are consistent with the church’s doctrinal commitments.
Plan and execute yearly LP Kids events such as VBS, Movie nights, Christmas and Easter.
Coordinate with other ministries pertaining to LP Kids (ex: Baptism, VBS, Family events, Promotion Sunday, holidays, LP Kids store, childcare for special events).

LP Kids Staff/Volunteer Responsibilities

Develop and utilize systems to recruit, manage, schedule, and retain volunteer staff to lead LP Kids.
Work with LP Students to make the transition from LP Kids to LP Students smooth for each child and their parents.
Lead all volunteers to ‘own’ their areas of responsibility and give them opportunity to lead when available and appropriate.

Personal Responsibilities:

1. Passionately strive to live the abundant life through applying the six core values of Lakepointe Church in a vital daily relationship with Jesus Christ.

People Matter
Live Boldly
Make it Better
Be the Church
Lead with Generosity
All for One… One for All

2. Maintain the God ordained priorities in your life putting Jesus Christ first, your spouse second, children third and ministry fourth.

3. Be a faithful giver of your income to the vision of Lakepointe Church.

4. Avoid the appearance of evil, let no hint of immorality exist and conduct life in utmost integrity in all situations.

5. Lead by example in supporting the major ministries and outreach events of Lakepointe.

6. Loyalty to the vision and staff of Lakepointe, always protect the unity God has given this church.

7. Investing and inviting the lost to know Jesus Christ and “come” to Lakepointe Church.

Key Performance Indicators:

Recruit and retain consistent leaders for LP Kids.
Develop, find and schedule training opportunities for LP Kids volunteer leaders.
Create an exciting, creative, vibrant, educational, Gospel centered Sunday Morning that equips children biblically, stimulates gospel questions, and reinforces biblical truth.
Organize and run an effective VBS that ministers to our community, energizes the church and engages children with the gospel.

Ministry Leadership Core Values:

Make it better

What am I doing to help us improve organizationally?

Take it personally

How am I personally engaged in our mission and vision?

Replace yourself

Who am I empowering?

Stay fit

How am I taking care of myself spiritually, physically, relationally, financially, and emotionally?

Remain open-handed

How do I manage the tension triggered by new ideas, innovations, and change?

Agree publicly… disagree privately

Are you publicly showing support to your teammates even if you disagree behind closed doors?

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