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Lake Ann Camp – Camp Director

18400 Maple St
Lake Ann,

Position Type



Baptist (Other)

Ministry Area

Camp/Outdoors Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

About the Camp Director:

The Camp Director will be the Executive Director in training and will see their primary role as one of a learner who will one day be the directional leader of the ministry. The position of Camp Director of Lake Ann represents an outstanding opportunity to train a host of young leaders on how to lead well while impacting greatly a new generation of young people with the unsearchable riches of Christ. Lake Ann Camp is a product leader in its field who partners with many churches and ministries to strengthen local churches and families in their commitment to following Christ wholeheartedly.

The ideal candidate will be a person who has a God sized faith and an ability to exercise that faith to continue to help Lake Ann Camp reach those that it already serves and to expand its reach in the future. He or she will bring a variety of ministry and/or business experiences and a demonstrated commitment to advance Lake Ann Camp in the future.

The next Camp Director will also need to understand the complex cultural challenges facing the next generation and be firm in his or her commitment to a biblical response to the culture. We expect that this individual will re-cast Lake Ann Camp in an inspiring way to engage the board, staff and ministry partners as the camp moves into a new phase of ministry.

While Lake Ann Camp is a ministry, there is also a serious business acumen that is required to lead forward. There must be an understanding that to do great ministry – great business needs to exist and therefore this person will need some business understanding to succeed.

The Camp Director Responsibilities Include:

Attend all staff meetings throughout the year and debrief those meetings with the Executive Director afterwards to evaluate their benefits and effectiveness.

Attend Henry Cloud/John Townsend’s Ultimate Leadership Workshop and read Changes that Heal and Integrity books prior to attending.

Read all LIFT intern books with the interns and verbally review with the Executive Director what was learned and why that book made it on the list.

Have a master’s degree or enroll to receive a master’s level degree prior to becoming the Executive Director.

Attend both the state and national CCCA conferences annually.

Follow the defined schedule to learn the following department responsibilities:




Guest Services

Food Services


Office Operations

Work with the Executive Director to define and execute two to three directional decisions annually that will move the ministry forward.

Travel with the LIFT and potentially Team Lake Ann for their annual mission trips to develop a heart of how the camp benefits the greater kingdom beyond our ministry.

Recruit summer and full-time staff with the Executive Director to learn the process.

Join the Executive Director on speaking engagements and fundraising efforts.

Spearhead a successful fundraising event annually.

Meet with licensing and other governmental supervisors with internal directors as they seek to keep the camp in compliance.

Develop a notebook of ideas that they would like to implement upon accepting the role as the Executive Director.

Time Distribution

35% Training and Education

25% Shadowing the Executive Director

15% Learning Departmental Responsibilities

10% Travel to Recruit, Mission Trips, Conferences

10% Future planning

5% Miscellaneous Duties

What You Bring:

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Camp Director:

Education & Experience

Undergraduate Degree – Required

Graduate Degree – Strongly Preferred/Required

Seminary degree – Strongly Preferred

5+ years of organizational and team leadership

7+ years of ministry or camp experience

Experience overseeing growth in a ministry

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Excellent communication skills to all ages and stages – both verbally and written

Able to identify problems and bring them to a positive conclusion

Track record of hiring, training and solving hiring issues

Experience leading multiple departments

Understands Millennial and younger generations

Able to cast vision to current donors and connect with a new season of donors

Ability to manage complex projects

Teaching experience

Culturally aware but not culturally controlled

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

Vital growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ to ensure that the direction he/she provides is for the advancement of God’s purpose at the camp

Clear established theological beliefs in harmony with the Lake Ann Camp Statement of faith

A heart for God and people

Passion to see people’s hearts changed

Positive driven energy

Sense of humor

A spirit of humility

Humble, Hungry, Smart

Already showing the Fruits of the Spirit in their life, relationships and ministry

Godly discernment

Team Builder

Winner of Hearts

Voracious reader

What it’s Like to Live in Lake Ann, MI:

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In addition to its natural beauty, Lake Ann offers a range of local amenities and a vibrant arts and culture scene. The village has a quaint downtown area with charming shops and eateries that reflect the town’s character and support local businesses. Residents can engage in various community events and activities, from the Lake Ann Street Dance to the annual pumpkin festival, fostering a strong sense of togetherness. The surrounding region is also known for its wineries, breweries, and culinary delights, offering a variety of dining options and experiences. Whether you seek a serene retirement spot, a welcoming community to raise a family, or a retreat from the city, Lake Ann, MI, offers an enchanting and balanced way of life, rooted in natural beauty, cultural richness, and a tight-knit community.

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