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Kettle Moraine Community Church – Legacy Director

W341S6480 WI-59
North Prairie,
United States

Position Type

Legacy Director



Ministry Area

Children’s/Family Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

The purpose of the Legacy Director is to care for, minister to, and communicate the gospel message to the youth of KMCC. The Legacy Director reports directly to the associate pastor. In addition to the following list of responsibilities, a Legacy Director should be regularly in God’s word and prayer.

• Responsible to be meeting weekly with Pastor/elder for discipleship/accountability. (Additionally encouraged to be meeting with someone regularly and disciple them.)

• Weekly responsibilities
o Accomplish tasks assigned by lead and associate pastors.
o Communicate with and schedule ministry volunteers (for ages 0-12th grade).
o Recruit volunteers for various ministry needs.
o Assist with other church ministries as needed.
o Curriculum purchasing, planning, printing, and scheduling.
o Be the primary communicator between volunteers, staff, and parents.
o Enforcing Youth policy and practices for volunteers.
o Available and accessible for volunteer questions, concerns, meetings, etc.
o Tracking all data related to children. (Attendance, allergies, etc.)
o Resolve scheduling conflicts for volunteers.
o Provide volunteer training and appreciation.
o Purchase supplies and manage budget.
o Oversee and direct all Legacy kids and Legacy teen ministries.
o File accident reports. (Follow-up and communicate with parents)
o Responsible for data entry and calendar upkeep.
o Be capable of learning and running the sound and media system.
o Develop and grow the entire Legacy ministry.

• Sunday Responsibilities
o Make sure there are sufficient volunteers present.
o Oversee all assigned volunteers.
o Make sure all classrooms are clean and unlocked.
o Work with church staff and security team to ensure safety of children and families.
o Greet and pray for congregants before and after service.
o Perform any other tasks assigned by Lead and Associate pastor.
o Be sure classrooms are empty and locked after service.
o Love everyone!
o Help guide newcomers.

• Job Qualifications:
o Clear testimony of faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
o Understand the doctrinal positions of KMCC.
o A heart for ministering to children and teens.
o Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of ministry experience preferred.
o Computer related skills: competent in using Word, Excel, Power Point, Keynote, Teams, Outlook, online media platforms, ministry sites, and social media.
o Familiar with audio/video equipment.
o A Biblically driven philosophy of ministry.
o A highly relational leadership style with a strong desire to invest in the lives of people across the spiritual spectrum of maturity, including potential leaders.
o Demonstrated organizational ability, possessing the skills required to develop and deliver ministry programs, to administrate effectively, and to create and manage ministry budgets.
o Able to plan and organize in advance as well as adjust very quickly to any change that might need to be made.
o Proven ability in training leaders and volunteers (both practically and spiritually).
o A self-starter who takes ownership of ministry and works rigorously toward improvement.

Employment details
Full time position includes vacation and holiday pay. Compensation subject to experience and education.