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Immanuel Anglican Church – Lead Rector

630 E Lake Drive
United States

Position Type

Lead Rector



Ministry Area


Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

Immanuel Anglican, located in Decatur, GA, is looking to hire a Rector who can bridge liturgical tradition into the modern, lived experience of today’s church. This person is also comfortable offering strategic
leadership, pastoral oversight, and preaching in a manner that is commensurate with Immanuel’s mission to form disciples of Jesus seeking His kingdom and the flourishing of our neighbors.

Oversees strategic leadership of the church
• Discerns, develops, and implements Immanuel’s vision and mission
• Provides leadership and pastoral care for Immanuel’s Sr. Leadership Team (SLT) and broader staff, including:
o Regularly facilitate staff and Senior Leadership Team meetings for
purposes of team development, planning, and prayer
o Regularly connect pastorally to full and part-time staff
• Provides leadership to the Immanuel Vestry board
o Coordinate with Senior and Junior Wardens to facilitate meetings; work
with the Vestry to capably steward the temporal matters of the church

Serves as primary (but not exclusive) preacher / pastor
• Writes and delivers frequent sermons at Immanuel; supports and coordinates
other leadership / guest preachers, periodically on Sundays
• Provides pastoral care to parishioners (alongside care that staff and lay leaders
also provide)
• Participates in and/or leads special services (liturgical services, funerals, etc.)
• Teaches studies and classes (alongside teaching that staff and lay leaders also
• Maintains relationships with other pastors across ecumenical lines


  • Pursues his/her own growth in formation and mission as follower of Jesus.
    • Exhibits integrity, sound judgment, discernment, and discretion.
    • Possesses the strength of character to be able to make difficult decisions under
    pressure and implement them within settings of considerable complexity and
    nuance, handling sensitive information with confidentiality.
    • Possesses experience and knowledge regarding governance and basic elements
    of church life, rooted in experience as a pastor or rector at a prior congregation.
    • Builds and leads as a self-starter, instinctively creating teams of leaders who are
    missionally aligned with and anchored in the community of Immanuel.
    • Exhibits a demonstrated success in promoting ethnic diversity and women as
    clergy and leaders in the church.
    • Exhibits a demonstrated success in developing and managing structures that
    facilitate fruitful ministry.
  • Attends to detail and organizational/systems management; works well to
    deadlines, bringing projects and tasks to completion.
    • Exhibits experience managing budgets and creating ministry plans.
    • Exhibits well developed communication skills; including timeliness in
    communications; engages on all platforms and on all levels in warm and open

The Rector will need to communicate effectively with:
• The C4SO Bishop Ordinary and other Assisting Bishops
• The C4SO Deans
• The Immanuel Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
• Broader Immanuel Staff
• The Immanuel Vestry Board, including the Senior and Junior Warden
• Immanuel Lay Leaders and Broader Congregants