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Hudson Presbyterian Church – Youth and Children’s Ministry Director

201 W Streetsboro St

Position Type

Senior Pastor


Presbyterian (EPC)

Ministry Area

Youth/Student Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

Primary Responsibilities:

Under the guidance and direction of the Pastor/Sr. Pastor, Session, and elder responsible for Christian Education, the Youth and Children’s Ministry Director will:

• Personally lead and guide our church’s middle and high school students.

• Manage our children’s ministry program through church volunteers.

Youth Ministry Responsibilities:

• Encouraging students interested in the knowledge of God and His word and supporting them to develop their love for Him and others.

• Organizing and leading weekly youth group meetings consisting of Bible based teaching, discussion, prayer, fun activities, etc. during the school year.

• Attending student functions at schools.

• Planning and leading an annual youth mission trip.

• Growing relationships with the education community.

• Providing students and their families with biblical counselling.

• Growing and executing the church’s youth ministry.

• Designing, overseeing, and examining curriculums for all programs, events, and classes.

• Leading middle and high school students to encourage their spiritual growth.

• Interacting with students during Sunday services.

• Developing positive relationships with students and their parents.

• Sharing program plans through social media.

• Displaying a Christ-like approach and lifestyle and praying regularly for young people in the church and community.

• Incorporating youth into various church ministries for His use.

• Attending and participating in staff meetings.

Children’s Ministry Responsibilities:

• Developing a children’s ministry program.

• Recruiting church volunteers and parents to lead the children activity during worship.

• Ensuring that Children’s Sunday School is properly staffed on all Sundays.

• Partnering with the church office to ensure all volunteer background checks are current.

• Managing the Vacation Bible School program including: Selecting the annual VBS theme, Developing an annual VBS plan and obtaining the necessary approvals for the plan in a timely fashion, Recruiting Volunteers, Obtaining the necessary material, Advertising the event multiple times in multiple types of media and social networks to maximize attendance.

Youth and Children’s Ministry Director Requirements:

• Evident relationship with Jesus Christ.

• Affirmation of the statement of the EPC Essentials of the Faith.

• A commitment to Reformed Theology.

• Bachelor’s degree in theology, biblical studies, or youth ministry.

• Previous youth ministry experience is a plus.

• Proficient understanding of challenges and needs of young people.

• Excellent computer skills, and proficiency with social media.

• Outstanding communication skills, both verbal and written.

• Excellent organizational skills.

• Affinity for young people.

• Ability to lead by example.

• Available to work extended hours, evenings, over weekends, public holidays, and on short notice when necessary.

To be successful in this position, the Youth and Children’s Ministry Director needs to:

• Provide students with a place to belong that gives them the courage to be different and resilient to unhealthy peer pressure.

• Have a proficient understanding of the challenges young people face and be compassionate.

• Be hands-on, directly involved in all activities related to youth.

• Be organized.

• Able to recruit volunteers.

• Able to manage a group of children’s ministry volunteers.

• Be a self-starter and creative thinker.

For information or to apply, send resume to [email protected]