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Hope Church – Youth Pastor

1905 Pearl Rd.
United States

Position Type

Youth Pastor



Ministry Area

Youth/Student Ministry

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Job Description

The Youth Pastor (or Director) is responsible for the discipleship of middle school and high school students in our church and community. They will develop and maintain an attractional ministry that sees students become fully devoted followers of Christ. They will be a discipler who makes disciples by equipping adult leaders that have a direct impact on the lives of students. They will build upon the understanding that parents are the greatest influence in the lives of students, therefore an effective youth ministry must partner well with parents. 

Hope Church’s vision for Student Ministry is to invest in the lives of teens and their families to make lifelong devoted followers of Christ.

A Qualified Candidate will have:

  • An authentic and vibrant relationship with Christ that serves as an example for others. 
  • Strong teaching gifts with the ability to equip students and adults through God’s Word.
  • Organizational leadership skills to manage all aspects of student ministries at Hope. 
  • Displayed self-leadership that maintains the highest levels of personal holiness. 
  • Humility and teachability, with recognition of the need to be a lifelong learner. 
  • Significant experience in youth ministry leadership. 
  • Licensure as an “official worker” by the Christian and Missionary Alliance or qualified for and willing to pursue licensure (or the appropriate credential) through the Alliance. More information can be found at
  • A commitment and capacity to be a strong team member. 

Responsibilities include:


  • The Youth Pastor will create an environment that helps students to become fully devoted followers of Christ through relevant, engaging, and creative communication of God’s Word. 
  • The Youth Pastor will lead and equip students to become self-feeders of God’s Word.
  • The Youth Pastor will prioritize small group environments that help students to grow individually and be cared for by adult leaders. 


  • The Youth Pastor will equip and train students, implementing a program of systematic discipleship that prioritizes preparing students for life after youth group. 
  • An essential part of the Youth Pastor role is recruiting, leading, and shepherding those that are discipling students, with an emphasis on excellent communication and support of those leaders.
  • The Youth Pastor will diligently pursue attractional ministry within our community and maintain ways for new students to join the discipleship process, since discipleship is not limited to those that are currently involved in church.


  • The Youth Pastor will actively care for and minister to students, adult leaders, and parents of students. 
  • The Youth Pastor will be accessible and open up their life to students and their families through active hospitality and intentional relationships. 

Collaboration with Parents

  • The Youth Pastor will acknowledge the essential role that believing parents have in the discipleship of their students and be intentional about equipping and collaborating with families for effective discipleship. 
  • The Youth Pastor will regularly communicate vision and essential information to parents.
  • The Youth Pastor will actively invest in families by providing opportunities and resources for them to grow together. 

Ministry Leadership

  • The Youth Pastor is responsible for the organizational leadership and management of student ministries at Hope Church. 
  • A strong emphasis will be placed on recruitment, equipping, communication, and leadership development within the ministry leadership, parents, and students. 
  • The Youth Pastor is responsible for the visionary leadership of the student ministry, adapting to the unique needs of our community and students. 
  • The Youth Pastor will work to align the values of the student ministry with the overall values of the church. 


  • Because this is an incarnational ministry, focusing not just on what happens within the walls of the church, the Youth Pastor will prioritize deliberate interaction with students outside of church.
  • The Youth Pastor will engage with our local middle schools and high schools, prioritizing unique opportunities that we have to collaborate with them.
  • Students will be encouraged to use their gifts in our community and around the world through regular service projects, missions trips, and outreach activities. 
  • Students who display a calling to ministry will be given opportunities to grow in their skill and capacity to use those gifts. 


  • The Youth Pastor will fulfill associate pastoral responsibilities, in harmony with the pastoral staff team and according to their unique personal spiritual gifts. 
  • They will be teachable and willing both to serve as an authority and to serve under authority. 
  • They will be committed to maintaining unity within the church family. 
  • They will work faithfully, pay attention to detail, be self-motivated, and maintain good time management skills. 
  • The Youth Pastor will prepare an annual ministry plan and budget

Reporting and Compensation

This individual reports directly to the Senior Pastor and serves under the authority of our Elder board. A monthly report will be given to the Pastors and Elders on ministry progress and areas of concern. This position is considered full-time exempt with an anticipated 40-50-hour work week. 

Salary will be competitive and based upon experience.

  • Full benefits (including an HSA, dental insurance, and vision insurance) are provided by Hope Church and are facilitated through Alliance Benefits. Summary of Alliance Benefits
  • Cell phone and personal unlimited cellular plan provided (T-mobile). 
  • Ministry credit card will be provided. 
  • 4% retirement match. 
  • Pastoral Housing allowances are approved annually by the Elder board. Helpful general info about clergy housing allowance.
  • Hope Church will provide reimbursement of moving expenses.