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Harvest Bible Chapel – Ministry Apprentice

1000 Randall St

Position Type

Ministry Apprentice



Ministry Area


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Job Description

Summary of Primary Purpose:

Harvest desires to prepare pastors and ministry leaders for the work of ministry through the church for the world. The purpose of Harvest Apprenticeship Program is to receive proper ministry exposure and practice while Apprentices concurrently mature in the faith: Knowledge, Character, and Ministry Skill. This program takes the Apprentice through (1) practical ministry responsibilities connected to their Ministry areas of responsibility at Harvest Bible Chapel; (2) Biblical and Theological study to mature in the Faith and to prepare for a lifetime of growth. To support holistic discipleship.

Scope of role: (# of staff overseeing, financial responsibility, etc.)
In keeping with the objective of ministry exposure and practice within the Harvest community, the ministry placement will vary depending on (1) the Apprentice’s capacity and interests, and (2) the Church’s needs. We strive to provide ministry opportunities that align well with one’s experience as well as ministry opportunities that will stretch and strengthen an Apprentice’s ministry capacity and skills.

Essential Roles & Responsibilities, included but not limited to:
 Serve effectively and purposefully within the specific Ministry area(s). The ministry context will vary from Apprentice to Apprentice. It may include a Campus Focus or a Ministry Focus.
 Maintain consistent academic progress in the accredited classes required and included.
 Prepare for and participate in the required Cohort classes / seminars on theology and ministry.
 Meet regularly, not less than monthly, with Leadership Development for ongoing encouragement in academic, ministry and Spiritual progress.

Ministry Duties/Expectations:
 Desire to grow in discipleship, serving, equipping, learning, and leading.
 Personal and growing relationship with Jesus and a humility to testify to it.
 Ability to explain “What Harvest Bible Chapel Believes”.
 Ability to pray with other employees, guests, and attenders of the church.
 Be an active, engaged, and accountable in the congregational life at Harvest Bible Chapel.

Skills/Knowledge Required:
 Basic ability to communicate clearly and concisely (verbal and written).
 Strong doctrinal agreement with church leadership on primary level beliefs.
 Is known to have a lifestyle that honors and uplifts the name of Christ.
 Teachable self-starter with adequate ministry experience to serve HBC well.
Intermediate ability to lead and a strong ability to follow direction.
 Intermediate decision-making capability based upon Church doctrine and policy/procedure.
 Strong love for God, His Church, and His world with a passion to grow in knowledge, character, and skill.

Education and Experience: (Minimum level of experience and education required to do the job)
 High school graduate or completed GED.
 Ability to enroll in a Post-secondary education / Bachelor’s level program.
 Volunteer experience in a ministry context is preferred.

Harvest Apprenticeship Program