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Grace Church – Youth Leaders

7300 Grubb Road
United States

Position Type

Youth Leader



Ministry Area

Youth/Student Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

Throughout the Bible, God demonstrates a consistent track record in picking teenagers for kingdom-sized jobs.  From David to the Disciples, God has used the young to advance His kingdom in powerful ways.  We believe one of those times is at our doorstep here at Grace Church.  We have a vibrant group of young students eager for the leadership of someone who not only gets the goofy, sometimes awkward, sometimes overdramatic nature of youth, but also shares in their deep passion for discipleship.  If you get fired up about reading this, then we encourage you to apply.  Our youth are waiting for someone just like you!!!

ROLE IN ONE SENTENCE:   Develop and implement a simple, clear, and multipliable strategy for discipling students (6th-12th grade) in alignment with the vision and mission of Grace Church.


TEAMS to empower and lead

Provide spiritual care, direction, and leadership development for:

  • Grace Youth Site Staff and LG Leaders
  • Grace Youth Leadership Team

INITIATIVES to own and make thrive

  • Recruit, equip, and empower a team of GraceYouth leaders to cultivate a culture of discipleship.
  • Recruit, equip, and empower a team of students and adults to dream up and execute spirit-filled student worship gatherings and other GraceYouth events.

GRACE SITES – WIDE EFFORTS to support and serve

  • Cultivate partnerships between the GraceYouth Team and parents of students by providing ongoing communication and opportunities for connection and support.
  • Innovate new ways of inviting and connecting unengaged students.