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Grace Chapel Community Church – Group Life and Studies Associate Pastor

4075 Lamor Road, Street 2
United States

Position Type

Group Life and Studies Associate Pastor



Ministry Area

Preaching/Teaching, Discipleship

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description


Teaching Scripture

We believe that the Word of God is the source of Truth. This Pastoral role works with the Pastoral team to plan, teach, and communicate the Word of God in various forms to encourage people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


  1. Lead and/or facilitate a minimum of 2-3 midweek group offerings churchwide
  2. Manage and oversee the Group Life and Studies calendar offerings.
  3. Regularly cast vision, recruit, train, mentor, appreciate, celebrate, oversee and disciple volunteers to become Group Life leaders.
  4. Teach weekend services (sat/sun) as assigned by Lead Pastor. (approx. 4-6 weekends a year)
  5. Help develop and plan midweek teaching offerings. (approx. 12 Wednesdays a year)
  6. Communicate at least semi-monthly with all Life Groups and studies via visits, phone calls, texts, and/or emails.
  7. Partner with Connections Pastor in connecting people and opportunities, meeting regularly to engage all people in Group Life and Studies opportunities.

Pastoral Care

We believe that Pastoral Care is a “get to”, rather than a “have to”.  Each opportunity God presents us with is a chance to love, support, care, and build relationships with those God brings to us to care for.

 Core responsibilities (As per Lead Pastor assignment)

  1. Provide pastoral care directly for those involved with all Group Life and Studies
  2. Officiate weddings as requested, including couples pre-marital counseling sessions (5-10/yr)
  3. Officiate funerals as needed, including time spent with family ahead of funeral to prepare
  4. Perform hospital, care home, and/or in-home visitation as needed
  5. Provide counseling as needed (limited number of sessions before outside referral)
  6. Officiate Baby, Child and Adult baptism and dedications as requested

 Additional Responsibilities

  1. Attend regularly scheduled Staff meetings and Pastoral staff meetings as required.
  2. Support and attend church wide and staff activities as required
  3. Establish departmental goals and objectives by prioritizing related programs and evaluating progress on a regular basis. Communicate these goals with Executive Director and Lead Pastor.
  4. Provide Pastoral care, prayer and support for all those serving ministries overseeing
  5. Manage related ministry budgets and expenditures
  6. Weekly meetings with Executive Director to review workload and any work related concerns
  7. Serves as the ambassador for church-wide policies and procedures
  8. Develops, casts and implements vision and strategy with other leaders/staff of the church
  9. Assists in the recruitment and on-boarding of new staff and pastoral staff
  10. Regularly complete GCCC related documents and forms for attendance, connections, and new offerings via FellowshipOne, FlockNote, CRF, etc.

Experience Requirements

  • Minimum of a Master’s degree from an accredited Seminary in related field (Bible or Theology degree preferred)
  • 5+ years experience teaching Group Life in a large church environment in a similar role or in a higher level education setting, strongly preferred
  • Strong knowledge of scripture and theology for application is required
  • Preferred ministry experience in this region and community area
  • Experience with and passion for assisting people with recovery and the grace of Jesus
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for use in a variety of settings from formal presentations and large community gatherings to informational meetings to 1 on 1 counseling or discipleship opportunities
  • Experience recruiting, creating, developing, and deploying volunteer teams
  • Flexibility in scheduled work hours based upon special events, unplanned events like funerals, special services and normal weekend services
  • Willingness and ability to comply with and support all policies, procedures, standards and statements outlined in the Employee Handbook, position papers and other governing documents created for GCCC

A growing committed follower of Jesus Christ. (1 Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1