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Grace Bible Fellowship – Discipleship Pastor

73605 State Hwy 13
United States

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Discipleship Pastor


Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)

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Job Description

Overview and General Description:  The January 31, 2016 (as amended) bylaws of Grace Bible Fellowship church (GBF), specify the general qualifications, duties, and responsibilities for a Discipleship Pastor at GBF. The pertinent descriptions are quoted below:

Pastors shall be qualified as Ministers in Word and Doctrine, shall be sound in their Christian Faith and in their presentation of the Word of God, shall be of irreproachable Christian character, shall be worthy examples in their lives and teaching, and shall subscribe to and abide by the Statement of Faith as set forth in Article III of the Constitution. Pastors must have the qualifications of Elders as set forth in the Scriptures (I Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; I Peter 5:1-3).”

The Discipleship Pastor will execute the GBF mission and vision under the supervision of the Senior Pastor, focusing on discipleship principles and goals.  Grace Bible Fellowship church believes:  A disciple is a committed follower of Jesus Christ who is being transformed into His likeness and who is influencing others to do the same.

In his position, the Discipleship Pastor will fulfill his responsibilities under the guidance and supervision of the Senior Pastor, along with effective communication with leadership, which includes church staff and lay ministry leaders. GBF envisions the ideal candidate to be a strategic thinker who is highly collaborative in nature and promotes teamwork, grace, communication and unity within our leadership team and our church body.

Discipleship Pastor Qualifications:

As a consensual spiritual overseer of GBF, the Discipleship Pastor is expected to demonstrate these qualifications:

  1. Fulfill the biblical qualifications of I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.
  2. Be able to minister in accordance with the GBF Constitution.
  3. Demonstrate adequate ministerial training and sound understanding of biblical doctrine and practice.
  4. Have verifiable history and ministry experience within a local church setting.
  5. Be competent in administrative, managerial, and technological skills.
  6. Per biblical guidance, the candidate must be a man.

Duties and Responsibilities for The Discipleship Pastor:

  • Support the Senior Pastor in the accomplishment of the GBF vision through ministry effectiveness evaluation, discernment, decision making, and planning.
  • Model and abide in prayer continually for our church body and for the church leadership in general.
  • Collaborate with the Senior Pastor in developing and upholding a discipleship ministry and organization.
  • Work closely with our ministry coordinator and the head of each ministry to make sure each ministry understands the vision of the church, the goals for discipleship, and how each element directly impacts their ministry.
  • Provide continual and timely communication with the Senior Pastor, the Elders, the council, the GBF staff, and the ministry leaders, on all relevant GBF activities.

General Compensation Items for the Discipleship Pastor:

The Discipleship Pastor’s schedule requires flexibility. The Discipleship Pastor should be available for evening and weekend activities as needed and appropriate. He shall manage his schedule to generate a balance between personal family time, and with the time spent on church activities.

The salary compensation and other benefits for the Discipleship Pastor are under the authority of the Leadership Council and are to be reviewed annually as part of the yearly staff evaluations.

Additional Information or Questions:

Contact Elder John Thomas via email – [email protected]