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Fort Myers Community Church – Executive Pastor

8440, 8400 Cypress Lake Dr
Fort Myers,

Position Type

Executive Pastor


Baptist (SBC)

Ministry Area


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Job Description


The Executive Deacon/Pastor executes the vision of the elders under the guidance of the lead pastor, wisely utilizing all available resources (staff, money, facilities) and is responsible for ensuring that all of the church’s activities support that vision.


Execution: The vision of the elders is successfully executed and that the church’s activities are being performed in line with the elders’ vision.
Participation: The church body understands and participates in the vision and are clear with how the activities of the church support that vision.


Execute the vision: Whether for major or minor projects, initiatives, teams, or departments; equip and multiply leaders.
Build the team: Interface with the other elders, deacons, and staff to ensure that their initiatives support the vision through shepherding, oversight, and management.
Participate in strategic planning: Responsible for developing initial plans in support of the strategic goals and initiatives.
Oversee execution of vision: Responsible for the development of plans for the church’s activities and sees execution through until completion.
Oversee ministries of the church: Direct and manage the work for Sunday Operations; Worship & Young Adults; Community Groups; Kids & Youth; Deacons; Events; Communication; Bible Studies.
Oversee Finances: The church’s finances including maintaining revenue budgets, approving spending budgets and projections, providing stewardship of church financial resources, managing all church bookkeeping including oversight of the church’s contractor bookkeeper/CPA, and maintaining accounting procedures.
Build ministries: Consult and strategize with ministry leaders directing them to fulfill the mission and vision of the church.
Shepherd the body: Counsel, care, teach, train, equip.
Oversee Human Resources: responsible for payroll, on/off boarding employees, benefits administration, and maintaining employee manual/policies.


For Deacon: Meets the qualifications of a deacon outlined in 1 Timothy 3
For Elder: Meets the qualifications of pastor/elder outlined in 1 Timothy 3/Titus 1
Has the following spiritual gifts: Service; Leadership; Humility

Please read application process before sending your resume:

Create a Cover Sheet PDF with the following:

Name, email, phone

Family Picture

Any personality or strength test results

Myers Briggs
Strength Finder
Working Genius
5 Voices

The language we use in our content is through the 5Voices assessment. If you would like, please take the free 5Voices assessment ( and record the results on the PDF

Concisely answer the following questions:

What attracts you to Southwest Florida?

Do you have the gift of raising up leaders? Name a few and how they are serving the Lord right now?

Describe your approach to managing people.

Out of all the things you could do at this time, what attracts you specifically to this opportunity?

What opportunities have you had to lead from the “second chair?” Give examples of how you have taken vision and direction from a senior leader and implemented it successfully throughout an organization.

We do not currently have enough community groups to serve the growth we are experiencing. How do you plan on establishing a thriving community group ministry? What key elements are necessary for this ministry to thrive?

What is your philosophy of membership? How do you see yourself serving and caring for current members? How do you see yourself leading those that are not members into membership?

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