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First Presbyterian Church – Director of Christian Education

249 West McLelland Ave
North Carolina,
United States

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Director of Christian Education



Ministry Area


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Job Description

TITLE:  Director of Christian Education (DCE)

ACCOUNTABLE TO:  Senior Pastor/Head of Staff

POSITION SUMMARY OF PURPOSE: The DCE is the overall coordinator of the Church’s ministry of Christian Education. This person serves as the principal staff resource to the Christian Education Committee and older adult ministry.


  • To serve as overall coordinator of the church’s ministry of Christian Education.
  • To work with the Christian Education Committee in providing relevant support for the Church School and its officers and teachers, including:
  1. Offering encouragement, support, and assistance.
  2. Providing training for officers, teachers, and other volunteers.
  3. Being visibly available for observations, consultation, and assistance.
  4. Teaching in the Church School as needed.
  • To be present during the Church School hour each week. Any absences are to be negotiated with the Senior Pastor.
  • To participate with the Christian Education Committee in developing curriculum recommendations to the Session.
  • To coordinate planning and scheduling for special programs, such as short-term studies, combined summer classes, Church School Socials, etc.
  • Provide leadership to the church’s ministry to and with older adults, including Saints Alive.
  • To be responsible for coordinating Vacation Bible School with assistance from the Christian Education Committee.
  • To participate with the Pastors and others in providing opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.
  • To purchase supplies, materials, curricula, equipment, and furnishings for the church’s educational ministry in consultation with the Christian Education committee.
  • To resource the Logos Program (grades 1-5) and Middle School Ministry (grades 6-8) in consultation with the Director and Assistant Directors of the Logos/MSM A complete list of responsibilities for the DCE in regard to Logos/MSM leadership may be found in the Logos Program job descriptions.
  • To promote and encourage attendance at congregational retreats as well as other church-related camps and conferences.
  • To develop and supervise the educational resources of the church.
  • Serve as advisor to the persons responsible for the church library. Additionally, the DCE shall work with the Christian Education Committee to recommend policies for the library’s operation, including the system of selecting and purchasing new books and media resources.
  • To assist in the Weekday Preschool Program as requested and available.
  • To assist the Presbyterian Youth Fellowship as requested and available.
  • To serve as advisor to the Nursery Committee
  • To attend and participate regularly in the meetings of the Christian Education Committee.
  1. To collaborate with the CE chair and other staff members in developing the agenda for the monthly Committee meetings;
  2. To participate with the CE Committee in developing its annual budget;
  3. To monitor regularly the CE Committee’s budget and to recommend any necessary adjustments;
  4. To work with the appropriate staff members in administering a system for ordering, storing and distributing supplies for the church’s programs of education.
  • To work with the Christian Education Committee in carrying out its responsibilities, including:
  1. Developing a list of teacher and/or leader vacancies to be filled;
  2. Proposing candidates for teacher and leader positions to be recruited by the Committee;
  3. Developing and implementing a continuing program of training and continuing education for teachers and leaders;
  4. Designing and implementing an ongoing program of support and appreciation for teachers and leaders.


  1. To participate in regular staff meetings.
  2. To attend Session meetings as need, interest, or requests dictate, with full privilege of the floor.
  3. To participate in the program of the Presbytery.
  4. To participate in an annual staff performance review.
  5. To be available to accept invitations to lead events or workshops in the churches, as approved by the Senior Pastor/Head of Staff.
  6. To participate in professional support groups, continuing education and training events; participation in these to be in consultation with the Pastor.

REIMBURSEMENT POLICY: Follow Reimbursement Policy procedures established by the Finance Committee, including reconciliation of receipts and invoices and completion of necessary forms.  Receipts and invoices must be turned into the Business Administrator by the fifteenth (15th) of each month.


Ability to work with all age groups; to manage and recruit volunteers; to work well with all staff members and committee chairs; ability to work overtime, such as weekend and/or overnight trips and retreats; intermediate computer skills to include work processing, spreadsheets, and/or graphics software desired.  Be familiar with the ECO tenets for its form of government.


  1. A. degree in an educational field; 2-3 years’ experience in a Christian Education capacity.

PLEASE SEND YOUR RESUME TO: [email protected]