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First Korean Methodist Church – Children’s Ministry Director

304 W. Palatine Rd.
Prospect Heights,

Position Type

Children’s Ministry Director


Wesleyan/Methodist (Other)

Ministry Area

Children’s/Family Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

The Korean Methodist Church of Chicago in Prospect Heights, Illinois is looking for someone who loves children and has a heart to teach and train them to love the Lord and a vision to build a discipleship ministry for children and their parents. The candidate must be able to speak English well, and the ability to speak Korean is a plus. The candidate will be responsible to lead the children in worship, teach them the Bible, disciple them to live for Jesus, build relationships with the parents, and coordinate with the other English and Korean ministries.

Qualifications for the position:
* Passion for loving and teaching children about Jesus
* Ability to communicate the Bible effectively in English to elementary school children
* An evident love for the Lord and a commitment to daily spiritual growth
* Ability to communicate with parents the vision of the children’s ministry and to get them engaged with the church and Sunday School program
* Flexible and able to adapt quickly to the environment and work with people
* A desire to build a children’s ministry to help the church fulfill its mission
* Strong ethical standards and the ability to create trust and integrity with church staff, co-workers, volunteers, and parents

Responsibilities of the position:
* Set up the classroom and lead the children in worship every Sunday
* Teach the children the Bible so they can live it out during the week
* Disciple the children so they develop strong spiritual disciplines, such as Bible reading, prayer, meditation, worship, and obedience
* Work with volunteers to effectively minister to the children
* Attend a monthly staff meeting
* Communicate with parents to keep them informed of the children’s ministry programs and to get them involved in the children’s ministry at some level
* Create ways to reach out to new families and grow the children’s ministry
* Be able to commit to 3 hours each Sunday (10:30 am to 1:30 pm)

* $1,000 per month

* Jonathan Wolters
* (847) 224-5023
* [email protected]