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First Family Church – Youth Ministry Director

317 SE Magazine Rd

Position Type

Youth Ministry Director


Baptist (SBC)

Ministry Area

Youth/Student Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

Job Description: The Youth Ministry Director serves the Lord and FFC by overseeing the programs and people involved in the ministries which reach out to families with children between 6th-12th grade.

Spiritual Profile:

Spiritually mature as a Christian.
Emotionally energetic as a leader.
An enthusiasm for teaching/preaching so that students and families are motivated and equipped for discipleship and mission.
A biblical mindset about teamwork and partnership.
Involvement in spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible study, witnessing, giving, etc.
A visible commitment to the mission, values, and strategy of FFC.
An aptitude for excellence and organization.

Skills and Gifts Profile:

Imaginative (dreamer).
Nurturing (shepherd).
Disciplined (coach)
Communicative (teacher)
Flexible (gymnast)

Principal Duties:

Lead the large group/small group environments of both Jr. High and High School ministries for the purpose of igniting passion for mission among students and parents. NOTE: At the point that this director role becomes a pastoral role (the man qualifies as an elder), he would also be available then to teach/preach at a weekend service at any of our campuses.
Coordinate the calendar and non-teaching programs for both Jr. High and High School ministries for the purpose of accomplishing the mission.
Recruit, train, and manage the volunteer leaders (students and adults) that serve in these ministries.
Initiate, and be available for, discipling times with students and families.

Reports to: Next Gen Director

Decision Making: Authorized to make and execute decisions with input from lead pastor, staff, and elders.

Total Hours: 40-45 (not including normal expectations of a mature Christian. See Employee Policy Manual for expectations and details.)

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