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First Congregational Church of Hamilton – Pastor of Youth and Young Adults

630 BAY ROAD (ROUTE 1A) PO Box 213
United States

Position Type

Young Adult Pastor, Youth Pastor


Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)

Ministry Area

Youth/Student Ministry, Young Adult Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

General Responsibilities

Our full-time Pastor of Youth and Young Adults will work alongside the pastoral leadership of our church. In their pastoral duties, he or she will focus on the youth (middle school and high school) and young adults (college and early career) of our church. He or she will place a priority on the youth ministry of our church (approx. 80% of time) while also advocating for and intentionally connecting the young adults to our church (approx. 20% of time).


The Pastor of Youth and Young Adults is accountable to the Senior Pastor, the board of Elders, and, through them, to the congregation.

Mission Statement 

“Our Youth Ministry exists to see students connected to Christ, the Church, and the culture. We emphasize teaching the gospel, fostering relationships, developing young leaders, integrating generations, and partnering with the global church.” 


  1. Theological/Spiritual/Personal
  1. An exemplary, spiritually mature individual with a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Agrees with the stated doctrines, by-Laws, and core commitments of our church and denomination (Conservative Congregational Christian Conference)
  3. Displays gifts, abilities, creativity, and educational experience in accord with the position’s demands.
  4. Understands the developmental needs of youth and young adults, their faith, and trends in culture today.
  5. A Master’s of Divinity (MDiv) degree or equivalent is preferred, working towards an MDiv is expected. 
  6. Has youth ministry experience and a clear passion for building relationships with youth and young adults.
  1. Compatibility/Administrative
  1. Collaborates as part of the pastoral and ministry team.
  2. Possesses strong organizational skills of short- and long-term planning and time management.
  3. Has strong communication skills, organization, and technological competence.
  4. Manages youth ministry budget and record keeping.
  5. Empowers FCCH members in leadership roles; able to recruit, inspire, and organize adult and student volunteer leadership teams.
  6. Has a desire and a strategic plan to integrate youth and young adults into the larger church family (in collaboration with the Senior Pastor, Pastor of Congregational Life, and Elder Board).
  1. Description & Responsibilities
  1. Upholds the current mission and values for youth ministry with a plan to carry it out. Be creative with innovative solutions.
  2. Develops and leads programs according to the biblical mission and values of the youth and young adult ministry.
  3. Recruits and trains volunteer leaders to help with our mission and reflect our values.
  4. Builds and maintains relationships with youth and young adults both in and out of the current church family.
  5. Encourages and oversees the discipleship of youth and young adults.
  6. Builds and maintains quality communication and collaboration with families.
  7. Networks with other pastors in the community, and programs or attends area events for youth and young adults.
  8. Integrates youth and young adults into the life of the church, supporting and participating in the church’s vision, worship services and activities.
  9. Provides a natural continuum of care that starts with youth and moves into early adulthood. Hosts young adult meetings/gatherings and facilitates a leadership team.
  10. Responsible for youth and young adult Sunday school curriculum. Will be present and lead weekly youth and young adult meetings.
  11. Lead annual mission opportunities with youth and young adults.
  12. Sets and oversees the youth and young adults ministry budget and record keeping
  13. Assists in worship, preaches occasionally, and fulfills other duties as part of the pastoral staff.
  14. Attends weekly staff meetings for support, updates, and collaboration.