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Evangelical Fellowship Church of Amarillo – Pastor of Discipleship Ministries (PDM)

5000 W. 49th
United States

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Pastor of Discipleship Ministries (PDM)


Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)

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Job Description

The position of Pastor of Discipleship Ministries (PDM) at Evangelical Fellowship Church (EF) exists to provide dedicated care and leadership in key areas of ministry, under the authority and direction of the Senior Pastor (SP). The PDM, then, facilitates and supports both (1) the ministry of the SP (to protect time needed for pulpit ministry) and (2) the spiritual welfare of the congregation. The following three needs (not necessarily in order of priority) in the life of EF have led to the creation of this position:

The PDM will provide servant leadership in key areas of discipleship:
● Children/Youth ministry. While the PDM position is not one of “Youth Pastor,” the PDM shall help guide, directly or through delegation, the developing ministry to the children/youth of EF.
● Personal discipleship. The PDM will work alongside the SP to engage in regular personal discipleship. This provides ongoing encouragement as well as fostering awareness of the special relationship between members and the pastors God has given them.
● Teaching/preaching. The PDM will assist the SP in equipping the congregation through the church’s teaching and preaching ministry. As appropriate, the PDM will be involved in Adult Sunday School and in the pulpit ministry of the church.

Member Counseling
The PDM shall help to administer and coordinate the formal biblical counseling ministry of EF. While this will often result in personally counseling our members, at appropriate times counseling may be delegated to others at his direction. To this end, the PDM will engage in ongoing training in biblical counseling in order to further serve the congregation.
This will be done in coordination with the SP.

Administrative Support
The PDM shall serve to meet administrative needs within the pastoral staff, providing a central point for the coordination of several areas of ministry. This will include regular evaluation and improvement of current practices. These responsibilities will include:
● Activity coordination. The planning and implementing of upcoming church activities or events such as conferences, campouts, retreats, etc.
● Benevolence coordination. Exercising oversight and providing direction to deacons and volunteers in meeting Body needs as they arise. This may include such service as hospital visitation, distribution of financial assistance at the direction of the Elders, etc., as needed.
● Communication. Helping to streamline the communication processes within EF. This may often be done in conjunction with the church secretary, as the PDM deems appropriate.
● Policy implementation/application. The PDM will be familiar with approved church policies in order to ensure consistency in various areas of ministry.
Many of the above responsibilities are best accomplished by means of delegating and facilitating Body Life within the congregation.