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Doxa Bible Church – Discipleship Director

5905 E. Southport Rd

Position Type

Adult Ministries Director



Ministry Area


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Job Description

The Discipleship Director role provides leadership and support for the overall spiritual development of Christ followers at DOXA. It is our desire is to see more lost people saved, more saved people matured, more matured people multiplied for the advancement of God

Role and Expectations

Small Groups:
• Champion the vision of DOXA as a church OF small groups not a church WITH small groups.
• Catch, cast, and keep the vision the Lord has called DOXA to embrace as our small group philosophy (to be laid out in interview process).
• Accelerate the growth of our small group ministry while keeping in line with the vision of DBC Small Groups.
• Promote and protect the 3 Non-Negotiables of DOXA Small Groups: 1) Mutual Ministry 2) Multiplication of Leadership, and 3) Missional Focus.
• Help develop, lead, and shepherd Coaches, Small Group Leaders, and future Small Group Leaders with a framework of multiplication.

• Oversee and direct the assimilation process for all interested people in a timely manner.
• Help lead the Guest Connect Events and Consider DOXA Classes.
• Follow up on all absentees through our Assimilation process.

Growth Tracks:
• Provide leadership and direction for all Spiritual Growth Tracks as laid out in our Discipleship Continuum. (To be explained in the interview process.)
• Help develop future leaders of DOXA through CORE Curriculum. (To be explained in the interview process.)

• Support all ministry team leads with continued growth opportunities and leadership

• Vigilantly watch your life and doctrine to keep the character qualifications of an overseer as given in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Make holiness your greatest pursuit.
• Commit to an Ephesians 4:11-12 philosophy of ministry to be an equipper of others for ministry.
• DOXA Bible Church is less than 4 years old. This reality means that the right fit for this role will be eager to embrace the wide range of responsibilities that come with ministry. As a ministry grows, ministry positions evolve from being “generalists” to “specialists”. We need someone who can embrace the general ministry duties now and grow with us in specializing as the ministry grows. These general ministry duties include the following:
— Weddings — Funeral
— Counseling — Care
— Preaching Opportunities as needed (Sunday AM, Community Opportunities)
• Potentially provide oversight to other ministry leads based on giftedness and previous experience (i.e., Oversee the Director of DOXA Kids/Director of Student Ministries, etc.).
• Commit to prayer being the greatest work.

• Someone who loves to connect, care for, and encourage people.
• Someone who loves to take the vision for the church and turn it into reality.
• Someone who loves to disciple and lead people to help them reach God’s highest and best for their life.
• Someone who loves to inspire a team of volunteers toward high quality impact and multiplication of themselves.
• Someone who is a champion of people and is concerned with others success more than their own.
• Someone who longs to be part of a multiplying church. Is passionate about disciple making, small group multiplication, and church planting.
• Someone who loves to work in a team environment where collaboration is highly valued.