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Des Moines Gospel Chapel – Minister of Music

21914 7th Ave S
Des Moines,

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Minister of Music



Ministry Area


Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description


The Music Directors goal is to contribute to a culture of worship by organizing a culture and community of praise. They do this by inspiring the affections and guiding the response of the people in our gatherings. They are responsible for leading and developing a growing music team in following Jesus, worship, and excellence.


Love for and commitment to Jesus and His church.
Collaborative, approachable, joyful, and serving attitude
Excellent interpersonal skills, a person who draws people.
Creative, passionate, and enthusiastic.
Vision for theology, ecclesiology, and music
Discernment in evaluating lyrics and appropriateness of content.
A gifted music leader with musical aptitude and verbal communication skills.
The ability to lead vocally and instrumentally and occasionally lead without a team if necessary.
Possess a good understanding of basic A/V and computer skills.
Flexible – ability to support varying musical genre, tone, and volume, adjust practice schedules to the needs of volunteers, and adjust team leadership approach for maximum results.
Ability and desire to mentor musicians, vocalists, and new music leaders.
Ability to administer and coordinate music leadership of volunteers.


Management of Music Ministry

Lead, recruit, mentor & administer volunteer music teams.
Aptitude for Planning Center Services music team scheduling


Encourage vibrant corporate response to God through music.
Provide opportunities for gifted individuals to serve Jesus and our congregation.
Consistency, excellence, creativity, and expressivity

Research, plan, learn, train & introduce new music songs on a regular basis in collaboration with the Pastoral Team

Make sure non-Sunday worship events are successful through presence or planning and delegation (i.e. women’s worship nights, prayer meetings, etc.)

Musician and leadership development

On-ramping (and off-ramping) volunteers:

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Off-ramp volunteers

Schedule: Sunday 7:30-11:30 am, Attend our weekly “Pipeline” Meeting, flexible

Hours: 12 per week w/ some flexibility

Stipend: $12k

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