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Coronado Bible Church – Senior Pastor

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Calling ALL Awesome Pastors…
Are you ready to preach, teach and reach the lost and the found?
Do you desire to have an international impact for Jesus, that you and your family can experience together?
Does the opportunity to Pastor an elder-led flock encourage you that you will not be leading alone, but with a team?
Then, read on and consider Coronado Bible Church as your new home!

Who We Are:
Coronado Bible Church is an English speaking, non-denominational, Bible believing, Christ-centered community that exists to glorify God by developing fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Coronado Bible Church is located in the beautiful tropical country of Panamá. We are located approximately two hours west of Panamá City, Panamá. Coronado is a beautiful beach community located on the shores of the warm Pacific Ocean!

The church was established approximately 15 years ago and operates in a collaborative leadership position with the Elders, currently with three elders and one elder emeritus. Our church body is unique, in that it has a seasonal population with many attendees coming for only 5-6 months a year. We do have a substantial base group of full-time members as well. There is a growing number of young families with children and teens creating an opportunity for all ages ministry. The young children’s program is steered by an under-privileged children’s foundation founder. The ministry for teenagers is led by one of our missionary elders.

Coronado Bible Church is experiencing significant growth, the last several months have seen many conversion decisions, multiple baptisms and an amazing moving of the Holy Spirit in answers to prayer. Under the leadership of a desirable candidate, CBC will continue that trajectory.

Seeking A Senior Pastor:
The Pastor/Shepherd who will teach, lead, challenge and inspire.
We are seeking a Senior Pastor/Shepherd to lead a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic congregation, with congregants of diverse church backgrounds.
The ideal Pastor/Shepherd will give opportunity to people who do not know the Lord, to become children of God (John 1:12), develop the congregation into Disciples who will “…not be ashamed of the Gospel” (Romans 1:16), …go into the community weekly and be a light unto the world (Mark 16:15 and Matthew 5:16), a living gospel with the evidence of the Holy Spirit that indwells us (Acts 1:8). The Pastor/Shepherd will help us discern where we are lacking and challenge us to continually become more Christ-like; and preach powerfully and faithfully. Sermons and teachings should be directed toward molding and maturing us after God’s will. If discipline is warranted, the Pastor/Shepherd will unreservedly apply Biblically principled correction as taught in Matthew 5:23-24 and others.
The Pastor/Shepherd will care for individuals by seeking to know them, to connect on the human as well as spiritual level. We do not expect the Pastor/Shepherd to carry every burden of individually caring all the time. But, when the need arises, will become involved in providing appropriate individual sharing, caring and discipleship.
The Senior Pastor is the spiritual leader of the Church and is responsible to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach biblical revelation, to challenge us all to higher purpose, to engage in pastoral care and to provide administrative leadership in all areas of church life and function.
The ideal candidate will have the ability to relate to both young and older English speakers as well as Panamanian attendees with limited English ability. The candidate will demonstrate a preaching style founded on solid Biblical teaching and should inject humor and personal interest into sermons to relate Biblical principles; and maintain the attention of a broad spectrum of listeners. The ideal candidate will not be locked into a denominational dogma but will preach and shepherd based on clear Biblical teachings.
Ideally, the Pastor/Shepherd will lead by example, knowledge and grace, in truth and in Spirit.

Pastor Qualifications:
We know the ideal Pastor/Shepherd for us has been prepared by God to assume the role of Senior Pastor, however, we realize that our ideal candidate and God’s ideal may be different, so we present the following as desired qualities in a candidate knowing there is a perfect pastor already chosen:
● A born-again Christian, called by God and Spirit led with a vibrant personal Christian faith.
● Married to one woman, with family or none.
● Possess the qualifications and qualities described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, 1 Peter 5:1-3 and Acts 6:4.
● Reputation above reproach.
● Experienced and gifted in preaching and teaching the Word of God.
● Fluent in spoken and written English with excellent communication skills.
● Some knowledge of Spanish language is desirable and ultimately necessary to function well in Latin America.
● Graduate of accredited seminary or divinity school with five years’ experience leading and shepherding a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic congregation with widely ranging church backgrounds; or a minimum of 10 years’ experience leading a similar congregation.
● Sober-minded; strong Biblical convictions not swayed by world views or “flavor of the week” religiosity
● Critical thinker
● Self-controlled, remain spirit-filled when resolving conflict, Refrain from gossip, maintaining confidences.
● Humble good listener, not easily distracted, willing to learn from others when applicable.
● Hospitable, a people-person.
● Know the congregation, when they have needs etc. show care; or at least make sure to delegate an elder or someone with compassion to serve the need.
● Acknowledge/minister to: singles, married couples/families; young, old, therefore comfortable interacting with all ages, cultural backgrounds, ethnicities and church backgrounds.
● Loves and enjoys being with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, and intentionally builds relationships with everyone, thus displaying compassion and a servant-hearted attitude.
● Understands challenges of living in a tropical, emerging country or eager to learn.
● Willing to step outside of a comfort zone of first world leisure and meet daily, weekly sometimes hourly challenges as they present.
● Follows the Guiding ministry plan set out by the elders.
● Has a passion for studying and sharing the Word of God with strong prayer life.
● Team player with the ability to encourage and motivate others
● Bible teachings through sermons and lessons that edify, challenge, and encourage the Church as well as promote the passionate worship of God in everyday life.
● Demonstrated effectiveness in communicating through multiple media with church members and/or delegating media interaction needs with those who are talented with the medium.
● Successful experience sharing leadership responsibility with elders, committee leaders, teachers, volunteers and others.

Main Responsibilities include:
● Preaching/teaching at Worship services and coordinate with worship team.
● Coordinating with church’s ministries.
● Visiting church members and those at home with health issues.
● Member of the leadership team, with emphasis on offering spiritual counsel through all modalities including pastoring, preaching and personal interactions.
● Be a faithful student of the Bible and as a preacher/teacher present well-organized, Bible-based sermons and lessons.
● Disciple the congregation through Bible study with the aim to develop their Christian maturity and depth of biblical understanding with life applications.
● Ensure that the Church maintains a focus on providing a variety of programs and initiatives that engage and involve members of every generation.
● Oversee and provide guidance on programs that equip members for discipleship.
● Provide guidance and oversight to church committees and other teams in a manner that helps them to thrive independently.
● Support the church’s youth and children’s ministry programs that prepare our youth and children for independent Christian adult living, foster a fellowship of believers, and promote Bible-based life choices.
● Lead the congregation in efforts to grow God’s Kingdom and to reach the lost and the unchurched.
● Work with church members and attendees to help them identify how they can utilize their gifts and find a place to serve the Lord within the Church and in missions and ministry.
● Provide care and counseling to church attendees in planned life-events (e.g. pre-marital counseling) and moments of personal struggle or crisis. This may include directing members to additional resources beyond CBC.
● Administer the believer’s baptism, communion, funerals, weddings, child dedications.
● Guide and advise members with compassion while adhering to bold truths of the gospel in daily world and emerging country challenges focusing on God’s Kingdom.
Steps to help transitioning to life in Panamá
To aid in transitioning to living in Panamá, we offer discussion about the challenges of living in an emerging country, help in finding doctors, schools (if needed) and other professionals for legal and medical services, finding a home and transportation, introduction to persons who have certain abilities or services that may be needed from time-to-time.

Pastoral Remuneration Package
● Compensation: individually offered commensurate with experience, need and other resources.
● Relocation expenses: Airline tickets for original travel for the pastor and family will be provided.
● Immigration: Costs of visas and work-permits will be provided.
● Health care plan: negotiable based on variety of services available.
● Annual Leave: 25 days per annum.
● Annual stipend: for some expenses related to hospitality.
● Continuing Development: Conferences, seminars/training courses are negotiable.