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Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Cornerstone Christian School – Head of School

9455 Hilton Rd
MI ,
United States

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Head of School


Presbyterian (EPC)

Ministry Area


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Denomination/Affiliations: Presbyterian – EPC, Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)


Meet Cornerstone Christian School:

Cornerstone Christian School is a ministry of Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church and is located halfway between Detroit and Lansing in southeast Michigan. CCS opened its doors in 1999 with Kindergarten – 3rd grade. As the student population warranted, CCS added grades over the years, completing its grade list in 2009 with the addition of the preschool. Today, Cornerstone Christian School has 139 students in preschool-8th grade, with an average class size of 12.

From the beginning, CCS has not just accepted the top tier of students who test to come into the school. That said, with small class sizes, certified teachers who keep up on best practices in education, and parents who support students’ schoolwork at home, all built on the foundation of Christ, CCS students do exceptionally well. This is seen in standardized test scores and in the fact that students who stay through until graduation are accepted into the most challenging local high schools and experience success there. Knowing that people do not buy what organizations do, but rather, why they do it, CCS invites families into the education partnership.

In 2021 Cornerstone Christian School was named Best Private School by Best of Livingston County and was a finalist for Best Preschool Learning Center.

About the Head of School:

The Head of School is the chief administrative officer of Cornerstone Christian School and is responsible for the total operation of the school. The Head of School will operate the school according to the by-laws, policies, and philosophy formulated by the School Board and Church Session. They will be a leader with proven personal, academic, moral, spiritual, and leadership qualities to direct the total ministry for the school.


The Head of School will: 

  • Embody, manifest, and advocate the mission of the school.
  • Articulate the vision for the school and its future.
  • Monitor and address all matters of school climate and culture.
  • Navigate and manage the competing demands of the various constituencies of the school.
  • Provide to the School Board various scenarios and possibilities for the board to consider as it does its work focusing on the strategic future of the school.
  • Work with the School Board in carrying out established school policies; review those policies and make recommendations for changes; prepare reports, maintain board records, and keep the School Board informed on all aspects of the school’s operation.
  • Supervise all programs of the school; monitor curriculum, grading, testing, and reporting to parents; prepare for and conduct periodic program evaluations; submit reports to external agencies as required; establish disciplinary policies and standards of conduct.
  • Supervise the Principal and Assistant Principal in the preparation of preliminary and final budgets; monitor income, expenditures, collections, and cash flow; maintain appropriate financial records; oversee the employee benefits program.
  • Supervise the Principal in determining programs for the recruitment of students, including marketing and outreach, information dissemination, applicant testing, and interviews and acceptance decisions.
  • Represent the school to all of its constituents including the neighborhood, parents, students, alumni, the business community, faculty, and staff.
  • Cultivate generous support of the school.
  • Handle all matters regarding employment, retention, and dismissal of personnel; salaries and contracts; job assignments and performance evaluation; and orientation and training. Prepare employee handbooks and maintain appropriate personnel records.
  • Represent the school in its relations with state and federal agencies and with local, state, regional, and national educational organizations and agencies.
  • Act as liaison with other organizations to ensure fulfillment of the school’s contractual obligations; coordinate schedules, arrange for rentals, and coordinate procedures where the interests of both organizations are involved.
  • Supervise and/or assist with all other aspects of the school’s operation, including (but not limited to) facilities maintenance and operation, food service, transportation, summer programs, development and fundraising, and alumni affairs.


What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Master’s degree is preferred.
  • A minimum of at least five years of school administration experience is preferred.

Personal Characteristics

  • Has a deep relationship with Jesus.
  • Has a personal lifestyle and character that are above reproach.
  • Strong leader – instills confidence, compels followers.
  • Inspires, motivates and energizes the people they lead.
  • Strategic and visionary.
  • Excellent communication gifts: verbal, nonverbal, written, speaking, social media – both with groups and individuals.
  • Winsome personality.
  • Humble – manifests a servant’s attitude and example.
  • Works effectively with a team.


What it’s Like to Live in Brighton, Michigan: 

Brighton, Michigan is a suburb of Metro Detroit in Livingston County. Livingston County is one of the fastest-growing counties in Michigan. Its population is about 120,000 and most residents in this area own their homes. It is an extremely safe and professionally focused area, making it perfect for families and young professionals. The education system is above average and the athletics are very competitive. Brighton is in the hub of 4 major metropolitan areas with easy access to downtown for those who enjoy the nightlife. This town is mostly suited for family activities and outdoor enthusiasts while locals can be found organizing many fun community events.

This county is conservative and supports a high standard of living. Our Christian school has existed in this town for 21 years. In this area, the community is very close and the residents take care of each other, even if they have never met.