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Cornerstone Christian Church in Somerset – Youth Pastor

758 Hamilton St

Position Type

Youth Pastor



Ministry Area

Youth/Student Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

Specific Youth Ministry Responsibilities:

To provide overall direction, goals, uniform strategy, administration, evaluation, and planning for all youth ministries and to discuss such goals and directions with the Pastors/Elders regularly for evaluation and prayer support.
In order to ensure the continuation of an active youth program, provide and plan for all youth activities such as Sunday school, youth evangelism, regular fellowship, retreats, music, mission education, service opportunities, summer programs, and specialized leadership training in ministry. Communicate such plans to the board of officers regarding the promotion and purposes of any new programs.
To recruit, train, and supervise all lay volunteers serving in the youth ministries.
To maintain healthy, caring, discipling relationships with the youth and to be sensitive to the special needs of individuals.
In order to provide feedback, adequate care and counsel to the youths and their families, visitations to their homes are expected.
To evangelize to the community with programs and Bible studies designed to attract non-believing youths.
To manage all administrative functions for the youth ministry, such as maintaining accurate and current records of all youths; proposing and maintaining a budget.
To evaluate, correlate, and approve curriculum to be used in all areas of the youth ministry.
To keep alert as to current trends, resources, conferences, and other youth ministries across the country so as to benefit from the innovations and ideas of others in youth ministry. To remain professionally current in one’s areas of leadership and ministry.

General Pastoral and Administrative Responsibilities:

As a member of the pastoral staff of the church, the Youth Pastor participates in all churchwide activities and programs.
The youths attend the adult English worship service, the Youth Pastor is therefore expected to preach once a month in the English worship service in order to ensure continuity of ministry for the youth.
As a member of the pastoral staff, the Youth Pastor reports directly to the board of officers and serves as a member to contribute to the establishment of strategy, philosophy, and direction of the overall church.
The Youth Pastor is considered an elder of the church and will be a member of the Pastors/Elders meetings.
Provide pastoral guidance and advice in non-youth committees that are rotated among the pastors and elders, i.e. missions, children’s ministry, etc.