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Cornerstone Chinese Church – Associate Pastor of Youth and Family

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Associate Pastor of Youth and Family



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Children & Youth Pastor

This is a full-time position that coordinates children and youth programs from school age through high school. The Children & Youth Pastor will work closely with the Pastors and Christian Education Committee to plan, develop and execute the overall children and youth ministries of the church in accordance with the mission and vision of Cornerstone Chinese Church.
The Children’s ministry is defined as nursery through 6th grade. The Youth ministry will be defined as Jr. High to Sr. High youth or 7th grade through 12th grade (senior year high school) and high school ministry is students in high school, not including graduate studies.
Children Ministry
1. Children’s Worship Service
a. Coordinate the Children’s worship service every Sunday.
b. Organize a short sermon lesson consistent to the goals of the church to lead children to Christ. Can be delivered by the Pastor or other qualified members of the church.
2. Sunday School Program
a. Planning and oversight with Christian Education Board of the Sunday School program.
b. Work with Christian Education Committee to provide strong input on a comprehensive children through youth curriculum.
3. Equipping and Training
a. Recruit, schedule and coordinate the teachers and helpers with the Christian Education Committee.
b. Identify training needs and provide training program through internal and external resources (conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.) to teachers and helpers.

Youth Ministry
1. This person is expected to be the regular speaker on Youth nights on Saturday nights.
2. Organize a weekly Sunday school program.
3. Work to achieve a balance in the youth ministry between outreach, growth and equipping for ministry with the goal of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

a. Growth – Involve teens in ministries that help teens grow in their faith and help them to become Christ-like disciples.

b. Equipping – Provide opportunities for involvement in ministry including, worship, care and outreach ministries to their peers.
c. Outreach – Regularly provide opportunities for teens to invite friends to activities designed to reach their non-Christian friends.

4. Recruit and work in a pastoral relationship with the volunteer youth staff (Counselors).

5. Build relationships with youth through spending time with teens in their home and educational / social environments.

6. Build cooperative partnerships with parents of the youth in the ministry, including house visitation of the young people.

7. Work with other community ministries to youth when it is determined it will enhance ministry to youth.

1. The person will assist the pastoral staff in worship services/retreats and other pastoral functions as necessary.
2. Report to the Senior Associate Pastor and meet on a regular basis and maintain a trusting working relationship with other pastoral staff, Christian Education Committee and church committees.


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