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CompassCare – Regional Executive

951 Albany Shaker Rd.
United States

Position Type

Regional Executive



Ministry Area

Evangelism/Outreach, Administration, Other

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

Join CompassCare’s team of leaders to erase the need for abortion in NY’s Capital Region. Deepen the pro-life passion of the Church, inspiring God’s people to join his mission to serve women and save preborn lives.


Erase the Need for Abortion by building constancy of purpose to improve services with the aim to compete with the abortion industry.


Emancipate Ownership. Deepen Passion. Inspire Action.


Quality = (Clear Objective + Standardized Process) x Core Values

Objectives and Outcomes

  1. Regional teams own individual and team performance, hit their performance targets, and regularly contribute continuous improvement ideas.
  2. Build reputation such that CompassCare is viewed as the content expert for all things pro-life in the mind’s eye of the local Christian community.
  3. Develop personal friendships with pastors and major donors. Pastors view CompassCare as a key expression of their church’s ministry. Major donors view their relationship with CompassCare as a partnership through which they change their community for the better.
  4. Team members actively demonstrate CompassCare’s core values (Dignity, Relationality, Fighting Spirit, Relevance and Accountability) and make performance decisions consistent with those values and the mission.
    Team members view their roles as fundamental expressions of their walk with the Lord.
  5. Regional executive understands all of the functions of the organization. All paid and unpaid staff are experts in their functions and hold each other accountable to enhancing mission results. Regional executive creates an atmosphere of accountability, not for the sake of accountability itself, but for the sake of the mission.
  6. Team members have meaningful coaching relationships, can clearly articulate how their functions relate to the mission, and are actively engaging personal/professional development plans.
  7. Staff feel that they are on the winning team, that God is on the move in and through them. Team members enjoy being together and have a sense of shared responsibility and obligation toward on another. Team members trust each other enough to share their minds, valuing disharmony (but not dissention) for the sake of the mission. All feel that they “are CompassCare.”
  8. Executives from all regions are encouraged and supported through regular mutual accountability and continuous improvement dialogs. The experience of all regions is improved through relationships among Regional Executives.

Characteristics and Qualifications

  1. Love Jesus Christ and exhibit a mature Christian lifestyle, upholding the organization’s statements of faith and principle in all matters of faith and conduct.
  2. Good fit for CompassCare’s Core Values: Fighting Spirit, Relevance, Accountability, Dignity and Relationality.
  3. Loyal to CompassCare and the mission to erase the need for abortion.
  4. Able to learn hard things quickly.
  5. Highly motivated and organized with a strong work ethic.
  6. Proven verbal and written communication skills able to clearly and compellingly articulate CompassCare’s mission.
  7. Possess strong human relations skills with the ability to inspire, motivate, and oversee the work of the staff and volunteers.
  8. History of success relative to the objectives and responsibilities of the position