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City Church – Adult Ministries Director

1025 W. Rudisill Blvd
Fort Wayne ,
United States

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Adult Ministries Director



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Job Description

City Church is a multi-ethnic, multi-economic, multi-generational church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, seeking to hire a full-time Adult Ministries Director to our growing staff. This role oversees the Adult Ministries of City Church under the direction and leadership of the Executive Discipleship Pastor. This will require a firm grasp of the beliefs, values, and strategy of City Church and the ability to align staff and key leadership teams with its mission, vision, and values. The Adult Ministries Director will lead guests to a genuine sense of belonging, involvement, and spiritual growth at City Church by meeting people where they are and leading them to next steps. The Adult Ministries Director will facilitate the relational connection and spiritual growth of adults through weekend services, groups, volunteer teams, and the men’s and women’s ministries. A bachelor’s degree is required and a major in Ministry or Biblical Studies is preferred.

The Adult Ministries Director will be responsible for:

  1. Modeling Biblical Priorities

Responsible for upholding Biblical priorities and core values of City Church. The Adult Ministries Director should represent a growing personal relationship with Christ. The Adult Ministries Director models a strong relationship with his or her spouse (if married) and children (if applicable). The Adult Ministries Director strives to fulfill his or her purpose in life and ministry while demonstrating integrity in words, relationships, and actions.

These objectives are accomplished by:

  • Committing to a daily quiet-time with God.
  • Participating in a City Church small group on a regular basis.
  • Setting appropriate boundaries to protect character and integrity.
  • Adhering to and encompassing the qualities and characteristics required of City Church employees, as defined by the Staff Handbook.
  1. Oversight and Execution of Small Groups

Designs practical onramps and systems to help move from people from visiting to belonging and growing by:

  • Helping connect guests and regular attenders to groups.
  • Setting the vision and annual goals for groups.
  • Recruiting and developing group leaders.
  • Regularly meet with group leaders to help assist/align their respective groups with the overall vision of City Church.
  • Providing biblical content, resources, and training materials for groups.
  • Overseeing information and tracking of small group participants and leaders.
  • Planning and implement semi-annual group leader training.
  1. Leadership of Volunteer Teams for the Adult Ministries

Success in this role will be best accomplished by prioritizing an investment in ministry leaders who, in turn, influence others. The Adult Ministries Director is responsible for creating an environment that attracts, develops, and empowers the leaders in men and women’s ministries by:

  • Communicating a clear vision and defined ministry wins for volunteer teams.
  • Building systems and structures that lead people from being spectators to leaders.
  • Providing ongoing recruitment for volunteer staff.
  • Championing the leadership development strategy.
  • Providing intentional opportunities to show appreciation to volunteers.
  • Developing, submitting, and managing budget forecasts and expenses.
  1. Championing the Discipleship Pathway
  • Championing the discipleship pathway that engages with people at all ages of life and all stages of faith so that there is an easy on-ramp and clear next steps for each person to get connected and grow in their faith journey.
  • Establishing multiple opportunities to encourage spiritual growth.

This is a full-time position that is eligible for benefits.  City Church pays 100% of health benefit premiums for full-time team members.

Interested applicants may send a resume to Sarah Hooley at [email protected]