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Christian Bible Church – Lead Pastor

1200 E 200 N Rd
Cissna Park,

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Lead Pastor



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Job Description

The Pastor of Christian Bible Church is responsible for the care of the souls for all who claim this church as their own. In meeting the qualifications of 1 Timothy 3:1-7, our pastor is to be a man of prayer, study, evangelism, compassion, love, and servant-leadership.
He must strive to build and maintain a good reputation in the communities served by our church so as to reach those communities with the love of the Father and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, doing so by the power of the Holy Spirit. Caring for the sick, elderly, grieving, and overlooked must not only be a primary concern of his vocationally, but also personally.
Our pastor must be committed to the Word of God, recognizing it as the final authority in his life and in the life of the congregation in all matters of faith, life, and conduct. Finally, our pastor must be willing to be honest and forthright about his strengths as well as his weaknesses as he strives to point people towards Jesus for their salvation and sanctification.
Specific Responsibilities:
Use the 66 books of the Bible as the primary source of teaching and preaching.
Prepare and deliver one sermon Sunday morning and one lesson or sermon Sunday evening of each week.
Oversee the Church as a shepherd, cooperating with the Deacons and under the authority of the Bishops.
Approve all speakers at all church functions, regular or otherwise, in consultation with the Bishops.
Counsel those within the Church who may be in distress or in need of support.
Support, offer guidance, and assist the Sunday School Superintendent as necessary.
Conduct the ordinances of Baptism and Communion.
Perform weddings and funerals for those within the church, as well as their extended families, in accordance with the by-laws of the Church and the conscience of the Pastor.
Visit the sick, the confined, and home-bound as necessary or reasonably requested.
Serve as a consultant to the mission board, Deacon board, teachers, and youth group leader.
Support active workers and encourage others to participate.
Defend and uphold the Church’s Statement of Faith and Vision Statement.
Work with colleagues in local congregations in a cooperative manner.
Be active in local evangelism and represent the Church at community and area-wide affairs.
Be an example of hospitality.
Be available prior to and after services for reasonable period of time.
Work diligently to meet the objectives of the Church.
Perform other duties as are customarily performed by a pastor in a similar position and such other reasonable services and duties as may be occasionally assigned by the Bishops or requested by the Deacons.